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Fierce and Fabulous


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Here's a look a couple days ago. I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to do a tutorial.

MUFE powder and foundation
studio finish concealor
msfn dark
sweet william b/c
loose beauty powder in natural flare

spiked eyebrow pencil
mystery e/s
blacktrack f/l
I loooove the dark look that the blacktrack gives me, but I tend to get oily during the day and sometimes it smudges.. I just might have to give up my beloved spiked for... stud!

bare canvas paint
vanilla pigment
indian ink e/s
plum dressing e/s
firespot e/s
llama e/s
vanilla e/s

velvetella l/p
up the amp l/s
fierce and fabulous l/g


-I underlined my brows with spiked
-prepped my lids with some powder and applied bare canvas paint
-put vanilla pigment on my lids


-used my 219 brush and made this lovely unblended shaped in my outter v's with indian ink e/s


-picked up a little bit of indian ink e/s with my 224 brush and blended it. sorta lol.


-both eyes so far


-added plum dressing e/s in my crease with my smashbox brush that looks like the 224. I think its the #10?


-blended out plum dressing using my 239 brush and some llama e/s (crease up to brows)
-added vanilla e/s right under the brows with the 239 brush again


-added a little bit more plum dressing


-I'm so mad that you can't really see this! But I dusted some firespot e/s kinda between plum dressing and vanilla
-and filled in my brows. Sorry no step-by-step pics for this part.
----------used an angle brush to fill in brows with mystery e/s
----------underlined with blacktrack
----------blended the blacktrack with my angle brush


-lined my eyes with blacktrack f/l
-added lashes. red cherries in #747S. These ones suck, their probably as long as my really ones, ugh stupid. But let me tell you, the 747M is PERFECT.


-lined my waterline with blacktrack
-lined underneath my lashes with blacktrack and smudged some signed sealed e/s over it.
-contoured my cheeks with msfn dark


-oh look, my face makeup magically appeared. lol.. I figured everyone does their own thang so I didn't take pics of me putting on concealor, foundation and powder mkaaay.
-I thought this face would show my blush, it doesn't really lol.
-sweet william b/c with the 187 brush
-loose beauty powder in natural flare using a no-name skunk brush


-ugh how sexy is that?! hahaha
-velvetella l/p


-up the amp lipstick


-my favorite part!
-fierce and fabulous l/g!!

the end!




Gorgeous! I absolutely love the lips!
That lipliner, lipstick and lipglass combo is awesome, it makes a really pretty 3D effect


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Beautiful! I tried this today but I think I am blending too much. I can't get that outer > definition with my 219. Maybe too much product on the brush? It just looks like a mess rather than your precise application. Thanks for the details!


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Love the tut! Can't wait to try this look out. I know I already said this, but Up the Amp looks amazing on you....

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