First Ever Empty MAC Lipstick


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Sweetie just went bad. It was my first ever MAC lipstick and the first ever to expire. I'm kind of glad because I don't like frost finishes anymore anyway. But it was a little sad.
Patisserie is almost gone. It was my first Mac Lipstick along with Lovelorn and I bought them both about 5 years ago. I used Patisserie a lot, not because i loved it but it is just such an easy shade to wear. Could swipe it on without a mirror or without thinking.


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I think it was Viva Glam Gaga 1. I don't think I would ever empty a lipstick anytime soon. It's either they gone bad but never emptied..


Syrup! It was also my first MAC lipstick. I think I used it up because since it was my only MAC lipstick at the time, I wore it all day every day, even when I recently shouldn't have!