Flat-top Kabuki Brush?


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Hi all! i'm looking for recs for a flat-top kabuki brush. i think mac has one called the 183, but i don't see it anywhere on their website. thanks for the help!


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the 183 was LE with the 'of beauty' collection i think it may come out again with another collection soon though im not too sure


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I have the 183 & for what you pay for it honestly it's not the best flat top brush out there. Coastal scents have the flat top badger buffer brush or synthetic flat top kabuki, I think they're a better option in my opinion


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Sonia Kashuk (at Target) also has one, although it's little. The size might be OK, depending on what you're wanting to use it for.


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I absolutley adore the Adesign Flat Top Kabuki! Its super soft, has yet to shed, and makes my foundation go on so much better


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Originally Posted by smaxwell01
Everyday Minerals has a flat top brush that is really soft. It is supposed to be back in stock on the 15th.

i agree with the everyday minerals brush.


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Stila has a #21 flat top long handle brush which I use for foundation, blush, highlighter, etc. It's good and super soft but 45 bucks. I'm interested in trying the coastal scents one and the everyday minerals one... I don't know how dense they are though... and my stila one is great. (had it for 5 years)


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Skip the Coastal Scents badger one! Not very soft IMO.
The Sonia Kaskuk one is pretty soft.
Adesign has one without the handle, if you're looking for one with a base like a kabuki.

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