For anyone who has had a baby

I'm quite surprised with this... I don't have children but here in Spain they give you an enema too, like in Denmark. Maybe this is an european thing?


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Congrats on your new baby!

I have a daughter and didn't, but then again- I could hardly feel a thing with the epi- I could've been lied too haha. I didn't eat solids for like 2 days before I went in though, so that probably helped.

But I actually follow a neonatal surgeon and an OBGYN occassionally and it's definitely a common thing.


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I had a C-section too, nothing happened during the 45 minutes. It was so fast!
My husband and the doctor told me before I knew it that the baby was going to come out and here she was. We could hear her.
Then, the longest was really the time that they take to remove the placenta and all the some residue left in the uterus. Within 2 weeks, your own body will get rid of some more blood as if you had a period, and your belly gets back to normal. Well, it was the case for me.

It is nature. There is a lot of blood invloved, just don't look.
The Dr and nurses covered me up. I didn't look except the one weird picture that my hubby took.
But it is so worth it at the end! We have this precious little one that we made and waited for so long!!!
Don't be scared but details, think about how happier it makes you.

Only drawback: beware of allergies to some medications. I believe that I got an allergy to the peridurale meds. They are supposed to make you itch a little the day after, but I had a terrible rash. I know for next time. I will specifically ask for a counter medication or something sligtly different. I hadn't asked about the side effects and I wish I had...
Congrats to the new mothers!


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Originally Posted by Katjamo
I am a bit puzzled over this. Here in Denmark it's standard, that the first thing they do when you get in to the delivery room is to give you an enema. I had that too when I was just starting to get into labour, and I don't think anymore came out during the process, but I am actually not sure, so many fluids of all sorts come out at that moment

But I did manage to vomit on the midwife
And I did somehow bleed on the oposite wall which was about 5 meters away. It ain't pretty giving birth

Is that a danish thing to get an enema when going in to labour?

They used to do it in the States too. Just before they shaved your hoohah


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I have had 2 kids and didn't poop while giving birth to either. My husband for some reason was sure I would. I think he was just trying to make me nervous. But I wasn't worried about it. I mean, for Christ's sake I was pushing a child out of my body. Who cares if you poop?!


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I didn't but it might have been becauae I only pushed for like 5 minutes when he was born (he was a tiny baby). I was also present at my cousin's delivery and she didn't either. But I hear it's actually very common.


I did and I felt embarrassed about it even tho I knew it was probably going to happen. I was in labour for 33 hours and nothing came out before that so yeah, I kinda new beforehands but it was still weird.

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