FOTD catch-up: 06-01 pseudo-punky


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Hey everyone. I just wanted to thank everyone for their well-wishes in my last FOTD post, it really meant a lot to me to have everyone reach out like that, and i'm sorry i didn't get to respond to everyone personally to thank them. Anyway, it seems the prayers and good vibes did their job: my mother is recovering from her surgery well and starts chemo in about a week and a half. The best news we've received is that her bone and cat scans came back clear, which means they didn't find anything anywhere else (no spreading outside the lymph area!). this is great news, but there's still a possibility of small growths elsewhere in the body that the cat scan resolution was not high enough to see, which is why we have the chemo and radiation. anyway, just wanted to keep everyone updated. thank you so much for everything, it meant so much to me for you guys to do that. you made me cry!

SO. here's a FOTD i did in the beginning of june. i was going for something a little edgy and punky, but still wearable in public without me looking like a freak - i always am trying to find a way to tread that line, but i think it always ends up less edgy than i like. oh well. I still loved the way this looked. I think i always love my looks 10x more when i use false lashes!








i love how this one really shows the shape i was trying to create:


unfortunately, since i was re-using these lashes, there is residual pale metallic shadow on them from some other look that i couldn't seem to mask so it doesn't look as perfectly clean as i'd like, but overall, i think it was ok.



i love this one... it shows how luminescent that pale yellow on the lid was, and it shows the shape well, too, i think.

EM foundation golden fair, fair neutral + finishing dust
EM sunlight + multi-tasking concealer
MAC fleurry blush + Pearl Blossom BP + BeneFit Georgia blush, i think
BeneFit High Beam on cheeks, chin

BeneFit LemonAid as base
MAC shell CCB
Revlon shimmery yellow e/s
MAC gold dusk pig on centre of lid
MUFE #92 on outter lid
MAC electro sky e/s (blue) winged out kinda
MAC melody e/s blended out past electro sky
MAC blacktrack f/s
Quo # 804 lashes

I don't really remember. Probably Fashion Pack, Style it Up, Real doll, or some mix of colours like those.

thanks again guys for the good vibes... i feel a lot better now!


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holy....WOW!!! I'M SPEECHLESS!! it looks so awesome! can you PLEASE do a tut for this look?! pretty please?!


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i am soo glad that your mom is clear now
thanks for updating us!
you look amazing as always!


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h o t!
ur so photogenic!

glad to hear ur mum is doing well!! i didn't know such a thing was going on, but I'm glad things are looking up!

ps. i got the job! teehehe


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So happy to hear about your mother

This is just gorgeous as always! I love the color combo you used!


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Glad to hear about the good results for your mom, and the makeup looks cool! I love the shape and colour combo.


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Wow, your eyes are amazing!

Best of luck to your Mom for a continued recovery and wellness.

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