FOTD catch-up: 07/24 Smokey Blue/Teal eye


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Hey everyone. Life kinda sucks for me right now because my mother's breast cancer is back and it has metastasized, she just had surgery to remove as much as they could find monday, and then she's going on radical chemo and radiation starting in 3 weeks =( The hardest part of it all was she was diagnosed with the cancer last year and had a mastectomy, and they told her she was all clear and cancer-free - no need for precautionary anti-cancer drugs or radiation treatment. and now this. I kinda hate the world for that.

The reason it's back and they didn't see it sooner was that the diagnostic technology used to find the cancer isn't advanced enough, so if you have lots of money, feel free to donate it to breast cancer research. I had no idea this kind of thing would happen to my mother since we don't have any cancer anywhere in the family. If you pray, praying for my mum would be awesome, too. she needs all the good vibes she can get.

Anyway, I need something to make me feel better, and so I figure specktra should get my mind off it temporarily (that, and gossip girl, and weeds episodes!), so here's another FOTD i'm catching up on.



bad side =(





fuzzy, but i liked my smile in this... i think it looked really genuine or something.



flash/no flash comparison:

no flash:

this is the only picture that really shows the purple on the waterline, but it still looks weird... the purple looked really electric in person but blended so nicely with the deep blue around it




EM fair neutral intensive
EM golden fair and concealer under the eyes?
MAC don't be shy blush
BeneFit Georgia blush
BeneFit High Beam

UDPP(finally found it!!!)
MAC shell CCB
MAC deep truth e/s closest to lashlines
MAC a bluer blue e/s blended out at edges of deep truth
MAC meadowland e/s above crease
MAC aquavert e/s above meadowland, right below highlight
MAC ricepaper e/s to highlight(not my usual choice, but i loved the yellowish cast it gave with the greens and blues)
MAC royal wink f/l on lower waterline and top inner waterline
MUFE #92 PACKED over royal wink
Lancome booster xl + hypnose(dried out... need a new one STAT!)

not sure? probably real doll l/s and zandra l/s and cello pink l/g

hope you're all well, and I wish everyone and their loved ones good health.


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I'm very sad to hear that your mother is going through that... please don't lose your hope, I don't pray much but I will do so tonight for your mum.

and.. can I just say that you look FLAWLESS, GORGEOUS, fantastic, and you have no 'bad side' !!!!


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Gorgeous look! I'm sorry to hear about what's going on with your mother & am sending positive vibes/thoughts your way.


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Gorgeous, I love the close ups of the eye. Sorry to hear about your mother, I hope she makes a speedy recovery.


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you look amazing. sorry to hear about your mum and much love and best wishes to you both

Ms. Z

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You know how people say that certain shadows make their eyes pop; well yours just smacked me off my seat. W

& Great lip color!

I’m so sorry about your mother. I wish her a speedy recovery.


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wow i love this look its absolutely fab!

im sorry about your mother.. she'll be in my prayers <3 stay strong!


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What a beautiful and intricate look
the purple gives your beautiful eye colour such an amazing pop! All my best to you and your family.. stay positive and keep optimistic thoughts


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im really sorry to hear about your mother. stay positive and i'll include your mom in my prayer.
you are just fab!!


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Looks great!

PS I know what you mean about the breast cancer. My mother had a lump in her breast a couple of months back and they took it out, said it wasen't goign to come back and that either way, there was 0% it was cancer and note that we went to a good doctor. Well the other day she felt this lump, it was small and the next day it got super big. I was even suprised at how fast it grew and in the same place as the last lump they had "taken out." We went to the radiologist last week and we are now waiting for the results. My mom was crying at the pain of having her brest flatten so much and the lump was making it worse! the nurse was acting all mean too, she was like "oh, well, suck it up..." I mean I understand, they have to be strong and all that stuff, but at least say something else like "It will only be a minute" or just keep your mouth shut! anyways, I ser hope your mom feels better and everything turns out fine.


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Oh my goodness!!! I'm so sorry about your mom!! I wish you & your whole family only the best!!!

You look stunning... i absolutely love everything that you do!!!

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