FOTD catch-up: 07/24 Smokey Blue/Teal eye


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I'm very sorry to hear about your mother, keep your chin up as she will need all the postivity in the world she can get. will keep you guys in my thoughts. You look fabulous as always

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Looks great!

PS I know what you mean about the breast cancer. My mother had a lump in her breast a couple of months back and they took it out, said it wasen't goign to come back and that either way, there was 0% it was cancer and note that we went to a good doctor. Well the other day she felt this lump, it was small and the next day it got super big. I was even suprised at how fast it grew and in the same place as the last lump they had "taken out." We went to the radiologist last week and we are now waiting for the results. My mom was crying at the pain of having her brest flatten so much and the lump was making it worse! the nurse was acting all mean too, she was like "oh, well, suck it up..." I mean I understand, they have to be strong and all that stuff, but at least say something else like "It will only be a minute" or just keep your mouth shut! anyways, I ser hope your mom feels better and everything turns out fine.

That lady should not even be working there considering how insensitive and unprofessional her behavior was. I would have barked at her if I was in that situation, I cannot stand people like that. I'm sorry you had to witness such nasty behavior during a hard time


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This is such a pretty look on you. The colors really make your eyes pop. And I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. I lost mine to breast cancer several years ago and know how hard it can be. I'll keep you and your mother in my prayers. Take care.


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I'm sorry about your mom.Life can be really unfair.Good luck girl,you and your mom.I'm sure your mom is in all of our prayers.
You look so pretty.I LOVE the close ups on the eyes.It really shows how pretty this is.The purple,then blue,then pretty!


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Sorry about your mother
You look absolutely amazing though!


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It looks as though you have LOTS of support here on Specktra! You certainly have my prayers as well. Big Hugs!

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