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Maybe they will have this collection available during the Nordstrom sale. Here's hoping. I think I read somewhere July 15th. I know that date may have not been for the US though. I'm starting to remember now that Nordstrom used to have fall makeup collections early during the sale. That was one of the reasons I loved the sale. That hasn't really been the case during the last few sales if I'm remembering correctly. They didn't even have any special products either like fancy highlighters. But if the release is close to the time of the sale just maybe . . . Anyway, I was going to post what I pre-ordered for the sale. A 1.2 oz Chanel Mademoiselle Intense perfume spray with Rouge Coco Flash in 91 Boheme set. I think I'm saving a whole dollar rather than buying it separately from I don't know that I really wanted Boheme but I figured I'd try it and I do like accumulating points from Nordies so. Plus, I was planning to buy the jumbo Coco Mademoiselle Intense but keep hesitating. I think maybe I should just try this mini one first to be sure. But what is driving me crazy is I just can't remember anything else they had for Chanel. I don't understand why not. They must have had something else. I guess it was not of interest or not of immediate interest. Anyone else know of any Chanel sets for the sale. Maybe that really was it. I know the set I ordered was listed as exclusive. I think because the size of the perfume may only be on the Chanel site possible not in any other stores right now. Perhaps the Chanel boutiques have them. I was thinking of calling and asking. I just might if I find I hate Boheme and have to return it.


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Fall is a skip for me too, but it's up on the US Chanel site if anyone is wanting to order. :)
I am a little curious about the RA Liquid Powder in Timeless, but suspect it would be too warm.
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The fall collection is up on the Belgian site as well now (I'm going to guess every Europe site). You can't see it yet but if you search by name it's there. This collection is more interesting to me than the summer one, but I really hope they go classic with their winter collection for once, like the 2012/2015 collection. We've seen every variable of red by now Lucia, do me a favour and keep it classic


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I bought the Penombre ombré topcoat and the Rouge Coco Gloss in Laque Noir. I really like the Penombre to make a softer smoky eye.

The Noir on the other hand was a straight up fail. I was really disappointed because I loved Prescriptive’s Voodoo and thought it might be similar. The formula is really thick and really dark and just kind of smeared around on my lips. I looked straight up like Danny Devito in Batman: