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Hi Thank you Monsy I will have a look in the les beige thread too thank you for your reply I will try and look through on here again :)


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Hi, there are some links posted on page 454 where a YouTuber reviews the tint. I would also recommend looking at the dedicated post for the Les Beiges collection in this forum, there are some opinions on it posted throughout.

I have tried it, I really like it! Sadly I need some coverage so I personally don't use it very much.
Hi thank you for your reply so kind will check out again this thread and will look at the les beige pages . I not been on here for ages so I kind of forgot it maybe in les beige thread :)
I'm glad I asked thank you so much . so it is really nice but it's not got no coverage thank you will try and get colour matched if I go out and about at the weekend to London . Thank you so much


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btw do check out new guerlain l'essentiel foundation it finally launched in the usa. B E A U T I F U L
I probably can't use it because of the propanediol (which is popping up in everything all of a sudden :mad:) but maybe I'll give it a test run and see if I could get away with it on special occasions. What shade would a neutral to warm NC10-15 be?


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Anybody getting the new velvet foundation??? I may try it even though I do not need another foundation ;)
Stopped at a counter right before closing last night and saw the foundation and tested it on my hand but saw a blush promoted with it. No one around to ask about it. Coral Red or Red Coral. Is this a new blush or a repromote? Looked pretty.