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Really? You like the browner one better?

I got the black liner today but I haven't tried it yet. I also got the Chanel LB Pearl Healthy glow. It's very pretty on my skin.

I am in LOVE with the #18 Hermes lipstick!!! It's so pretty on. I just ordered the new shade 45 Rose Ombre.
My picture is not great, but I like the new bottom one much better, yep. Here are swatches of the original RCS vs the 2019 RCF:

IRL my 2019 looks like her 2019. The one I just got is not as pink as the original RCS if that picture of it is accurate but it is a cooler pinky beige now. I like it much more than the 2019 version on my lips.

I just saw a video on the Hermès Rose Ombré lipstick. It looks very pretty. Hope you love it!
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