GENERAL FAQ: De-potting/De-panning


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I have tried so many of these and found the best way to depot is to actually repress them using a press medium or glycerin and I never have problems. Much much easier and I can fit any eyeshadows into my palettes and same for my blushes and bronzers


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I am a serial depotter !!!

I depot everything (if I can, unless the original palette or compact is really beautiful).
Nars, Dior, R&R (without breaking the compact), and of course Mac eyeshadows ! Anything gets depoted !!!
The only thing I can't is the Mac blushes... I am not able to do it, I have tried on 3, and the 3 have been unsuccessful....


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Gossmakeupartist has a method using the oven that works pretty well... I accidentally turned the heat too high and/or cooked them for too long though, and I totally ruined the texture of some of my MAC shadows :( :( :(

Also, MUFE has empty metal freestyle palettes. MAC shadows don't stick to them well (you'll need to glue magnetic metal to the back) but they're only $11 and sturdier than MAC's wimpy plastic ones, IMO. You have to call a MUFE store to order them (by phone only, no online options that I know of).


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A word of warning to those who choose depot things with heat (over candles, etc.) - please note that the gas evolved when the plastic is heated is toxic.

Remember to have good ventilation :)


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Hello! I am a newbie and have an ignorant questions so please be gentle :): The only place I know of where one can buy empty paletes in which to put de-potted makeup is Z Paletes. Is there a physical store that carries something like these?

#2 -- I have seen many questions on here regarding MAC taking back eyeshadows that are not in the pan. Are you all referring to a general, "hey i don't want this so want to return this" transaction? Or am I missing some lingo here?

thank you thank you!

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