Guess who got a Dollymix Quad at a counter in CANADA?!


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Me me me!! I guess they accidentally shipped some to The Bay at the counter I go to. They got like one for the tester, and one for sale.

I went into MAC today to se if they had any sweetness lipglasses left (mine got stolen at work
) but they didn't have any of the barbie lipglasses left, so I was just like fooling around with the makeup on the display, and I looked to the right of it, and noticed a quad, and I saw a coppery colour on it that looked pretty damn close to the one in the Dollymix one in that quad, so I flip it over and check what it is, and it is a Dollymix quad!! I asked one of the girls if they had any left and she was like HOLY COW WHEN DID WE GET THIS?!?! And the other girl was like "We got a couple by accident, cuz they were supposed to be in Asia only" And there was only one left and the MA was like "Ill fight you for it!" haha

So I got it! I'm soo happy! (Also got my 182 brush and a brush roll


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Originally Posted by MAC_Whore
Congrats. That is good karma coming around your way. Enjoy!

Haha, seriously!


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I heard every BAY counter is getting them on March 20th!!!! I read it somewhere on here!!! I hope its true!!!


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Damn lucky! Canada is always left out...same with the corps de colouer quad..


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LUCKY like these never happpen to me...great haul and sorry for the l/g I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE STEAL MAKE-UP...they're sick minded's disgusting

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