Halloween '08 prelims


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You guys rock! I will definitely post the "real thing" after the 31st...I can see some things that I'll add and improve for next time.


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it looks pretty good, and i applaud you for giving it a try.
i've wanted to do this for so long, but i'm scared shitless that i'm just going to fail misserably.

however, i think you might want to clean it up a bit.
maybe make your chin whiter, and not miss spots so you can see your skin?
in other words, make it less opaque.

i would also recommend to make the circles a little neater, if you look at actual skulls, it's not super messy, they're really neat circles.(for the eye sockets anyway)

for the contouring of your cheeks, maybe pull it more towards your cheek and not down towards your mouth. not a lot, just bring it out a tiiiny bit more, so it looks like your cheeks are hallowed out.

i have a whole bunch of reference pictures i could show you that might help.
just le tme know

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