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Originally Posted by DanaB
fuck, i don't know. i just wish he would wake up and try to seduce ME for a change. he doesn't realize that if i came home to a clean house, dinner on the table and a bath for 2, that that is foreplay to me! show me that you give a shit.

meh, whatever.

Haha... I always find it funny that guys haven't picked up on that by now...

You listen to married couples who are past the honeymoon phase and aren't haveing sex a lot, and if you ask the women, her reply is always that she's tired or not in the mood. After like listing off 10 pages of things she's had to do all day~

6am - Wake up, prepare breakfast, get the kids ready for school.
7am - Drive kids to daycare/school, and still be able to get to work by 9am
8am - Commute to work
9am - Get to work
Work from 9am-5pm
5pm - Pick up kids from daycare/afterschool care
6pm - Go grochery shopping
7pm - Cook dinner
8pm - Clean up dinner + any other household chores that need to be done
9pm - Get kids ready for bed
10pm - Finally sit down and relax for 30 minutes before bed

In contrast to the husband~

6am - Sleeping
7am - Sleeping
8am - Sleep in till 8am, get dressed, go to work.
9am - Get to Work
Work 9am-5pm
5pm - Go home
6pm - Sit on couch watching TV till 7pm
7pm - Eat dinner
8pm - Watch more TV
9pm - Watch more TV
10pm - Ask for sex after relaxing for 5 hours, and complain that she's always tired.

Edit ~ Oh to top if off... If they say their tired, the husband always wonders why, since she only worked 9am-5pm, the same hours he did, and he's not tired!


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money really shouldn't be such a big problem right now. I hope that you aren't still paying bills and whatnot And your account is in the negatives, while he is sitting on all of that money. Your problems aren't necessarily his, but they are..to a certain extent. you guys are in a relationship, and now you are about to have a baby. you're working 2 jobs just to be broke, and he's sitting on $5,000 not even offering to help? Not cool. I certainly hope he doesn't have any big plans for that $5,000 because once that baby comes he might as well write a check and hand it on over. With all the things that babies need...$5,000 isn't anything.

he doesn't seem to care about you in the bedroom either. Guys can be retards. Like literally. I'd bring him to your doctor one day so he can hear her say that women's sex drives are all over the place, for whatever reason, and that just because Susie down the street got pregnant and wanted sex 24/7, doesn't mean that you will. he just sounds really inconsiderate when it comes to pleasing you. And I'm sorry I can't offer any advice on what to do about that. because I'm sure "talking to him" wouldn't solve it.
Good luck with everything!


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He sounds pretty freaking selfish...in more ways than one.
I don't think that you should have to pay half of the bills if you make a 1/3 of what he makes.
I saw a show that had a formula for calculating how much each person should contribute to household bills when they don't make the same amount....sorry, I don't remember what it is though.

Finances and sex are huge components of a relationship. I'm sure that you guys will be able to work it out especially with the advice that some of the other girls posted.


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I'm soooo sorry hun! I hope you don't have anymore shitty days!!!Don't worry about your man not being romantic about sex....he's not the only one....lol


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With how selfish he is, I'm surprised he's trying to buy an engagement ring. I wouldn't marry him until he learned how to treat me right in bed and when it comes to running a household. How the hell will be be able to care for a kid?

You should take him to your next doctor's appointment, so they can explain that every woman's hormones are different. Just because Angelina Jolie enjoyed pregnancy sex, doesn't mean you will, too.

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