Help! Eyeshadow rec for everyday look


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Hi. Im new. I need a eyeshadow recommendation for an everyday look. I want to wear this colour on the lid and not just in the crease. It doesn't have to be boring but I don't want it to be a sheer colour. nicely pigmented .

I bought Satin Taupe last week and it doesn't look great on me so I want to exchange it.

I was thinking vex (heard its hard to blend), retrospeck, woodwinked, mulch or fresh cement shadestick.

(I only have 10 MAC eyeshadows: I love Patina, Parfait Amour, Seedy Pearl, Humid and the others are Crystal, Fiction, Parrot, Shale, Beauty Marked and Trax)

Im NW 20, blond hair , blue eyes for reference

Thanks for all recommendations and any help!


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Mulch and Woodwinked are both very nice neutrals. I wear Mulch in the outer corner/crease with Naked Lunch on the lid, and Shroom or Retrospeck to highlight. I don't wear Woodwinked a lot, but it would probably look nice on you, bring out your eye color. I wear it on the lid with Romp in the outer corner.


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i think mixing all that glitters and bronze would look beautiful on you.


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Woodwinked is great for an everyday look, all over the lid with bronze lightly on the outer third over the top and in the crease. I use all that glitters on the browbone and shroom to highlight.

I honestly can't rave about woodwinked enough - it's so damn versatile.


Mulch is a great neutral that goes with colors such as Naked Lunch and Sweet Lust on the lid. Very versatile!

I have worn Woodwinked, but it turned slightly orangey on me, but it differs by person.

I really like All that Glitters, a great neutral champagne/gold that goes with a lot!



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if you like patina, club is great with that. I also like omega (very similar to patina -more matte) I like woodwinked but prefer mulch-I like woodwinked though its such a nice shimmery brown - and swiss chocolate is a nice matte shade with a reddish brown to it. Vex and satin taupe look great together. I bet vex and shale would look good pr shale, vex with satin taupe in the crease??

(I don't have shale yet its on my wishlist).


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i reach for honesty, shroom, and descrete (spelling??) alot for the swipe and go days. for non-mac i like stila's kitten e/s


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as mentioned above vex and shale do look great together! this is a good everyday look. as far as warmer tones go, all that glitters and mulch look awesome together also and are great for everyday use.


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Another vote for Mulch!! Mulch is AMAZING. It is the perfect color (IMHO) I like to pair it Kid and Shroom.

The colors they give a nice everday smokey eye that is perfect

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