High waist jeans. Yay or nay?


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Love my high-waisted jeans, skirts, and shorts! I found that the material and tailoring made the difference to helping flatten out the stomach vs. giving you a pooch. Also you have to make sure the high-waist doesn't make your butt disappear! Lol. I'm guessing those that are blessed with a plump booty won't have that issue. Oh my poor flat Asian butt...


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I think it really depends on how you wear them. I'm not completely against them, but I'm not confident enough to wear a crop top to make the ensemble look good. Especially now that high-waisted jeans are designed to be more chic and complimenting to different body types.


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On me, a high rise jean is ALL THE NOPE. The waistbands would very likely hit the bottom of my ribcage and not my natural waist.

I'll stick to mid rise.


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Our work pants used to be high-waisted, and they are the most uncomfortable thing EVER! not to mention they are NOT flattering, except hiding the muffin top a little. But no thank you!


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Nooooooo! :D I'm so used to the comfort of my lower waist jeans. I'm ok with mid-waist jeans. What's with the new Mom jeans craze :doh: LOL! :heart:


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Um NO WAY! There is a perfect place for jeans. Too high or too low and they just look ridiculous. PASS!

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