High waist jeans. Yay or nay?


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Just below the waist = yay! Those make me look very hourglass. I don't care how "in" it is, but I HATE low rise and super low rise jeans. They make me look shapeless.


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Nay! Uncomfortable, and make you look old. Not to mention unflattering on anyone who has something resembling a stomach!


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I love high waisted everything. I have a tummy but i don't currrrr
Mmmm.. high waisted pencil skirt with a huge belt.. oh ya baby


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If by high-waisted you mean coming up to the waist, then that's what I always wear - can't stand hipsters or anything that a belly can hang over the top (yes, I bellydance, but I wear a power net body stocking to hold my wobbly bits in). I also hate when women wear thongs that come up higher than the waist of their jeans - looks skanky in my opinion.

If you mean coming higher up than the waist, then I'm not so sure. I'm short, so would look even shorter in those - I'd imagine I'd look like a toddler.


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LOOOOOOOVE them...agree with others who said it gives hourglass figure


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I think they look cute if you have a tiny waist, but can be a bit challenging if you are not well defined. I have been asked if I am pregnant in high waisted pants more than once! (I'm not

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