High waist jeans. Yay or nay?


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there is a difference between high waisted jeans & mom jeans.

such as rightn ow the gap is making higher waisted jeans and the are totally hot. i hate low-waisted jeans because it makes my hips fall out (AND MUFFIN TOP IS SO GROSS) so high wasted jeans makes me look hella skinnier in the belly.

high waisted jeans are way way hot.

plus it give s you a better shaped ass.



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I'm only 5'2" and if I wore something like that I can only imagine how much shorter I would look! My mom wears "mom jeans" though. I've been trying to get her to try some better looking jeans but she is difficult! lol


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I think some taller people can pull it off, but it is definitely not something for most of us.


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sorri but i love them! here in the UK everybody is wearing them and they look hot especially high waisted shorts.. i got some cute white ones like christina aguilera


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I switched from wearing low rise to wearing regular rise, and everyone thought I had lost weight. I haven't!! They're about an inch below my bellybutton. Death to low rise (and muffin tops)!!


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Originally Posted by SparklingWaves
If they look like Gwen's, yes! Those are really nice looking.

I was totally going to say that!

sandyyyy <3

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high waisted jeans isn't very flattering to me i think it would probably feel uncomfortable too since the waist band sits on your stomach


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Well I have ones that aren't that high wasted, but they end a little before my belly button and I like them because they hide my love handles.


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Originally Posted by goodbyexxkitty
My mom wears "mom jeans" though.

i know exactly what you're talking about


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lol. high waist usually doesnt look good in denim. but in a pencil skirt or a dress pant it looks very chic! just dont wear suspenders. a lady came into my store with a gray high waist trouser and suspenders. a hot mess!


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As a 45 yr old mom I wore the high waisted jeans way back and hate the thought of going back. At my age and being short the mid-rise seems best. My 18 yr old daughter is fairly tall and quite thin and looks great in low rise and super low. But she buys a good cut with a low rise front and higher rise back, so that bending over is not a peep show. She has long legs and the low rise seems to balance her out. I think the super low rise can look great as long as they are not too low. I think if you have to shave your pubic area to wear your jeans then they're too low, and yeah I've seen some this low. But the thought of the old "Mom Jeans" that taper down to the ankle makes makes me cringe. They make your hips look wide even if their not, a boot cut would be better.


I think CERTAIN high-waist are okay, if worn properly.
Like these aren't too bad:

I especially like the second one....
But I do think that this trend will come and go. Besides, I wouldn't be able to rock them, so I'll stick to low-rise.


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Considering that low rise pants come up to just under my belly button, I won't be jumping on the high-waisted pants bandwagon anytime soon. Midrise or "sits just below the waist" (bullshit) pants go up to my belly button....if I had high waisted pants they would go up to my boobs...

I think they are like skinny jeans, they will look good on some ppl, alright on others, and look like shit on everyone else.