High waist jeans. Yay or nay?


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I like high rise jeans well enough. As long as you pair it with a nice crisp top and shoes for a clean look. I got a lot of influence of the 'modern' clean look of the 80s through my Mom, and I definitely think it's a casual and slightly retro simple look.

It's not for everyone, just like the ultra low-rise doesn't suit everyone either, but I think it can be very nice. Lol, besides, there's no way your underwear would show.


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Heck no, techno. I don't like the super-low look much either, but anything up to the belly button is too high IMHO. The trend will be OK for skinny girls, but not for girls w/hips... like me =(


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i wish i could pull off high waist jeans... it could probably hide the little tummy i'm getting (thanks to college caafeteria food! ugh!)... haha


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I think they're very nice... but would only look good on someone tall and thin


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it definately depends on the style of pants!!!! i can see it looking better in work pants,like the VS ones, but definately a no in jeans. it gives your butt an elongated droopy look.... grossssssss


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I say Yay.

Okay maybe not necessarily on jeans, but on certain styles of pants, they look great if you can pull them off. I've always been a fan of how high waist pants and skirts look with the right style.


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I agree that its not pretty when the jeans is too low but high waist is far too high for my taste !!

So I have to say nay!!!


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A BIG NAY! Uck! Don't go there! Some fashion trends are supposed to come and go! Lets hope this one goes sooner than later!


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My mom wears high waisted wal-mart jeans...
and she tries to make me wear them.
No one should have to wear those.
When you sit down it gives you an extra roll.


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I think the versions on Gwen & the 2 models look great b/c these women have really slim hips and can pull off this look. They're also wearing fabrics other than denim, which I think makes a world of difference. As for the denim versions, they are just ridiculous on anyone, regardless of body type. Geez, is there any trend Mischa doesn't follow - she looks like a fookin' idiot.

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