How can I wear leopard print leggings?

Honey B. Fly

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They are an opaque beige/brown/black leopard print and go down to the ankles.

What do you think would look good w/ them?From tops to what sort of shoes.



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deffinately wear heels... i usually find that patterned tights can make the legs look shorter and fatter so wear heels... also what about a black skirt? or ive seen people wear denim shorts with them (.. and pulled it off well by not looking like a skank lol) theres many things you could wear but i would stick to plain colours.. if you have other patterns like for example: a polka dot top, it would look silly.


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I have been thinking about getting some too! But u don't want to look like trailer trash or like a teeny emo girl in them! I think if I finally get some I will wear them with a black denim mini skirt and black heels and an off the shoulder top like this one from


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Either heels or boots! because, like glam8babe said, they can shorten your legs being footless, either heels to lengthen your legs, or boots so that they look like tights. I would also say baggier tops, perhaps with a drop waist? that would look hot. I'd also say stick to blacks and dark browns with perhaps a splash of red to keep from looking too OTT.



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I think it really depends on your personal style and when/where you're wearing them.

If you're more funky I suggest pairing it with a tunic length solid colored graphic tee and some black flats or even some high top sneaks:

If you wanna wear them for a night out definitely do a black tunic/dress with some cute heeled ankle/midcalf booties and accessories with antique gold and black. Here's a promo pic from the H&M Cavalli collection:


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Really depends what your style is.

Honestly? I think ANYTHING goes with leopard print

But my favorite thing to pair it with is a short black dress and black heels. Hot pink also looks great.

Honey B. Fly

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I guess my style is girly/glam/a lil splash of hip-hop haha kinda like Beyonce. Black and Hot pink do sound nice. I'd like to make them look sexy but not like I'm trying too hard in the daytime. I kinda think their totally only for clubbing now, which I do not do lol.

Blahhh.... they may end up as spandex workout leggings 4 me hahaha


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For day you can make them work with a beautiful white, grey or black blouse, or srtructured shirt and a pencil skirt in red, navy, black, dark green. I would suggest a heal or at least a kitten heal.

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