I Got It!!!


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So guess what ya'll….. I am the newest beauty advisor for LANCOME!!
I had 4 interviews and my final on was with the regional vp and I nailed it. I guess all this beauty knowledge that I had floating around in my head paid off. I mentioned the new LUCI line, Gucci Westman, the mascara, and some other things and SHAZAM I got the position. I guess a lot of ppl that applied for the job probably don’t know much about Lancome cause she was looking at me in amazement like I was telling her lotto numbers LOL. Even though its part time I still get gratis and stuff and I get to attend the training seminars. The lady was really impressed with my beauty know how and I couldn’t have been happier. I wanna send a special thank you to all you specktra-ettes for sharing the love of all things beauty. Couldn't have done it with out you!!! I will be posting details a lil later I am at my other job with is exactly like office space (no seriously we have tps reports and everything)
BTW Lancome has some fire stuff coming out soon so check it out...


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Congratulations!!! That's so exciting!!! Lancome has some fantastic products and you will have so much fun playing with them!


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i love juicy tubes, ive been 'collecting' them since i was 12
i bought the nailpolish, whitish lipstick and lipgloss from the luci line
im disapointed, they were way too sheer and made my lips really red, like some sort of allergic reaction.
i melted the lipstick and added it to another light pink lipstick.it gives a brilliant shine so im happy ^^

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