i HAVE to tell someone!!


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after 6 months of trying, i took a HPT this morning and...I'm PREGNANT!!

i'm so excited. i'm going to the doctor's today to have it confirmed, but i just know it! my hubby and i want to wait to tell our friends and family, but i don't know if i can keep it a secret! i'm way too stoked!

the only problem i forsee is...i smoke. i'm obviously quitting now that i know i'm having a baby. does anyone have any tips on making it easier to quit?

also, i'm kind of a hypochondriac. now that i'm pregnant, i'm worried that it's too good to be true. i'm worried that i'll lose it. how do i deal with my fears?




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:congrats: :woots:
what wonderful news!!!!!! pleaasssee take good care of yourself and your little one to be! quit the smoking asap!!! i can only imagine how scared yet happy you must be. just take it really easy, go to your doctor and do all u can to have a healthy happy baby.. there are great books on expecting your first baby that can help u also! plus u have you wonderful dh and family to give u all the love and support you need! do keep us posted with your news!!!


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I use to smoke and I recently quit and when I had the urge to smoke I would try and chew some gum or some hard candy like Jolly Ranchers. That helped me!


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I quit cold turkey. Just knowing that it could hurt the baby made me stop. This girl I know smoked all through both her pregnancies. And the second one she had problems.


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Yeh quitting cold turkey isn't as difficult as people make it out to be. If you "want" to quit, you can. The people who have a hard time quitting imho, dont really want to quit. They might know quitting is good for them and their body, but they also enjoy smoking. At least that was my perspective on several friends who tried to quit multiple times.

I quit cold turkey cuz I woke up one day and couldn'tstand the smell on my clothes, my hair, my fingers, etc. Plus the gross taiste in my mouth and when kissing someone.

Congrats on the pregnancy
Your so lucky.


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That is great news! Ask your physician if there are any programs to quit smoking. Hope you have a healthy pregnancy


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listen to this.... AFTER ALL THIS TIME YOU HAVE BEEN TRYING.....STOP FOR THE HEALTH OF YOUR BABY... GOOD LUCK AND KISSES!!!!!! Be strong... and please please stop....hugs and kisses


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congratualtions!!! hope ur pregnancy goes well! i dont smoke so cnt advise much but seeing as u tried for this baby and u want things to go smoothly that should be a big enough incentive to give up!


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That's wonderful!!! Congrats to you and your spouse

I used to smoke and I quit by using the Nicotine gum but I'm not sure if that is safe when you are expecting. I'd say talk to your doc and they should have some suggestions for you. When you feel like smoking, look at pictures of babies to take your mind off of it

Another Janice!

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I have no advice on quitting smoking though. I just couldn't/can't do it. I have a skillion reasons/excuses, but none of them are good.

Talk to your doctor about it. And we are here if you have any questions or anything.

Have a very happy and healthy 10 months. (It's not 9!! Somewhere along the line, someone LIED!! lol)


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i quit cold turkey when i found out i was pg. its hard but worth it! i wish you the best of luck and a big congrats to ya both!


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congrats!! i used to smoke too, but when i found out i was preg with my daughter 3 yrs ago, i just went cold turkey. it wasnt easy, but i just thought about the baby and how it wouldnt be right to do that to the fetus. when i really got an urge to smoke, i would chew gum or suck on a lollypop. (or eat!! lol). after a while, i didnt miss the cigarettes. GOOD LUCK!!!


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As for quitting smoking, if you can't do it cold turkey, ask your OB for help....best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy!

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felt so happy 4 you sis

just take care and look forward to the up coming days
live every min thinking how wonderfull your life well become with tiny cute baby

be ready for non sleep nights

good luck sis

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