i HAVE to tell someone!!


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That's sooo exciting!!!!
For your sake and your lil one, to quit smoking is the best thing to do...
Hope you have a healthy, happy pregnancy and WAY TO GO!!! Dad....

CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!!


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i actually quit smoking on Sept 4, and after 14 years of smoking, i have gone from a pack a day down to NADA. not even a drag in 2 weeks. i quit cold turkiey, and it wasn't really that bad. i get twinges once in a while, but nothing i can't handle. the fact that i'm not drinking probably helps. i smoked like a fiend when i drank!

i'm 12 weeks prego now and i go see the OB for the first time on Wednesday. can't wait!


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I was hit with a dose of morning sickness that could stop a truck. The smell of smoke made me so ill.

Good luck with that precious baby!


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congrats!! it should be easy to quit knowing it is for a good reason - your baby!! i used to smoke also, but i tried gum, candy, lollipops and just got my mind off smoking by thinking about the baby and how it would be unhealthy for the baby and me if i lit up a cig. dont worry or have any fears, if you follow up with your dr. visits, everything should be just fine!!


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Originally Posted by DanaB
the only problem i forsee is...i smoke. i'm obviously quitting now that i know i'm having a baby. does anyone have any tips on making it easier to quit?

Oh girl, you gotta quit! Low birth weight, deformaties! Bad stuff!

Throw away all your cigarettes, break all your ashtrays and throw them in the trash! What my aunt did when she first got pregnant a couple years ago, to prevent her from going INTO convenience stores (she would buy cigarettes when she filled her car with gas) is she got a Chevron-or-whatever-brand credit card, and just used it at the pump, instead of being tempted! I thought that was an AMAZING idea! hehe!

Good Luck, darling! Keep us updated on the boy/girl status, I always love to know!!! hehe!

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