If you could sleep with ONE celebrity.....


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Originally Posted by reesesilverstar
Ok, so is this based totally on looks? How do you guys know that it'll be good tho?

I think so... but also on character and suaveness! You can tell a bit about a man by the way he carries himself... and since I'm not a "size is everything" gal I don't think I'll ever know if anyone is good based on just looking at him.

All my celebrity lusts are not solely on looks, but what I perceive their character to be.


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Originally Posted by reesesilverstar
Ok, so is this based totally on looks? How do you guys know that it'll be good tho?

well my Christian Bale thing is completely based on looks - lets be honest, from what i have heard of him in the press he comes across as a bit of an arse hole sadly
but Tom Welling seems like a nice guy as well as being hot to look at

i also love Tom Cruise! i know alot fo people rag on him for being weird or whatever, but i honestly think he comes across as a nice person who always seems to have time for his fans as well as being a family man
and again, very pretty to look at!


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ok, i'm adding in the delicious Nikki Sixx to my list

mmmm! wouldn't kick him outta bed for farting!


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Originally Posted by AudreyNicole
Channing Tatum, no doubt about that one...

Ditto! And you know he'll be effing amazing in bed too cuz it used to be a stripper and can wiggle those sexy hips REAL WELL in any dancing movie he's in! Any man who can dance well is bound to be amazing in the sac!

Who cares if he's married :p lol


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Originally Posted by coppertone
Ever since I first saw Titanic when I was 10.

He's on my short list too. And he is a Scorpio--bonus points!

Nina Loris

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Alexander Skarsgard

Jens Kastel

Gabriel Heinze

Christian Bale

Ethan Hawke

Edward Norton

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Beckham

i cant settle for just one, i take them all at anytime


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Top Five Men:

John Hensley - Better known as Matt from Nip/Tuck, and the brother from Teeth. I think he is so unique and stunning. Delishh.

Jackie Earle Haley - I would do sick things to this man.

Sam Rockwell - Gorgeous, sarcastic and scruffy.

Zachary Quinto - Especially as Sylar..he`s dark and sexy and sigh. I think he`s gay though, so I will never call him mine. (Ahem, because THAT`S why we`d never date. Yep.)

Jack Nicholson - I don`t have to explain myself.

Top Five Women:

Megan Fox - Self-explanatory.

Gemma Arteton - Pale and ethereal and gorgeous.

Alison Mosshart - The lead singer of The Kills, and member of the band The Deadweather. Gorgeous husky voice, and stunning face, style and body.

Deborah Ann Moll - Redheads!

Emma Stone - The same as above!

Honorable Mentions: Lea Michele, Mila Kunis, Daniel Probert, Ryan Reynolds.

I'd share some eye candy if I wasn't a spaz who after three years on Specktra STILL can't figure out how to upload pictures..


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First pick would be not exactly a celebrity, but he's a pretty well known DJ in the trance music scene, and I'm a huge trance freak, so he's a celebrity in my eyes. :p

The man is just... beautiful. I've hit on him multiple times on Twitter. I've probably scared him, but I'm not fussed.

Second pick would be Robert Downey Jr. 'cause uh... yeah.

Candy Christ

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I hope he's Irish because then I'll have to kidnap him hehehe

Matthew Gray Gubler. He's so cute, I'd feed him a cheeseburger...naked


Holden Caulfield...MMMMMMM. I know he's not real but whatever. He's hot and I would know. I've imagined it many times

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