Just found out Im pregnant !!!


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Wow I don't know what to think ...a few nights ago I took a test and it was positive ..i screamed ...i cried...i was in disbelief ..then panic set in and I thought this can't be true no way I me could ever get pregnant ..I just always felt it would never happen for me. So about an Hour later I took the other test and it was positve too !

Next day I went to the clinic on the base and they gave me a test and it was also positive. Im so happy !!! ..I go on Monday to pick up prenantls and to get an appt with the ob clinic too determine due date and such.

Im really nervous about it all ..I have wanted to get preganant for so long ..like years ...I had lab banding to help me loos weight about 2 years ago in hopes of it helping my body get normal and ovulate in hopes of getting pregnant one day.

It has been 7 years of sord of trying since I got married. I have never had regular periods at all. More like I go like 6 months no period or 3 months of straight periods everyday. It's ridiculous. So I just always though with my crazy cycles It would just never happen. Also My last period was around Dec 15th of last year. But I remember taking a test in early feb and also had two ultrasounds in late feb or early march checking for cysts to determine if I had PCOS. ANd nothing was found at that time so ...now its just disbelief.

Im so scared about going to get an ultrasound done ..im terrified that they well say sorry your not really pregant ur just weird or something.

Have anyone of you had these feelings of disbelief? I want this baby so bad ...i just have these feelings like this is not really happening to me ..it's all a dream ..and Im going to wake up soon and be so disapointed.



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wow girl, i'm sorry you have so many issues, yikes several months without a period? I may be hesitant with at home tests but if it was also confirmed with a clinic, you are pregnant!

I wish you all the best and and am happy you finally have got what you wanted

M.A.C. head.

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Awwwwww :')

I remember when I took a home pregnancy test and saw a positive result. I fell to my knees and started crying and praying, thanking everything under the sun. I was so happy. Ahhhh sweet memories.

It took you so long, and now...it's your time

Just be easy, take care of yourself and your baby and never underestimate the miracle you're carrying inside of you.

Congratulations honey!


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Such fantastic news!!!
Do not harp on it too much, the body works in weird ways. Everything is going to be fantastic and before you know it we will see pictures of your little one!

yaho o:


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Congratulations!! It's always wonderful to hear stories like yours. You've got your own little miracle baby!


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How exciting!!! I'm so happy for you! I'll pray that everything goes smoothly for you, and that you and baby both keep healthy!


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Congratulations hunny!!!

I know this feeling well, we tried for ages, had fertility treatment over a few years and still nothing. Now many many years later hubby and I have had 4 babies - good things come to those who wait

This little baby is precious and so are you! I will be crossing fingers and toes for you that everything goes just the way you want it!


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Congrats! Enjoy every minute of your pregnancy and stop worrying. It all goes by so fast. Take good care of yourself and your little jelly bean.

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