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kicky blue + plumage + hepcat = Tutorial!


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This is what we're going to attempt to create today.

Please keep in mind that it was 7 AM when I did this and had only gotten three hours of sleep. I think that explains perfectly well why I look a little bit tired.

These are the following brushes that I used. I left out my sponge-tip applicator but oh well. You can use a different brush in place of that.

Left to right: MAC 190, MAC 162, Bare Escentuals Heavenly Liner brush, MAC 224, MAC 208, MAC 266, an art liner brush, Smashbox brow brush, Sonia Kashuk large shadow brush, MAC 129, Bare Escentuals Flawless Application brush

And....these are the products we're gonna use. Talk about a lot, huh?

MAC Strobe Cream, NYC Translucent powder, MAC Studio Stick NW15, NYC Concealer Stick, MAC Bloomsberry/Tiger Lily blush double, Benefit Lemon-Aid, MAC Shimmermint & Crimsonaire Shadesticks, MAC Hepcat, Kicky Blue, Shroom and Plumage eyeshadows, MAC Frostlite and Blue Peep Fluidlines, Cover Girl Fantastic Lash, Chapstick, Prestige Silk lipliner, MAC Lingerie l/s, MAC Petal Pusher l/g, MAC Shy Angel blush and MAC Mystery e/s.

Start with a bare, moisturized face.. I also take this time to apply some chapstick.

Take the Benefit Lemon-Aid and apply it to your eyelids, up to the brow bone. This helps get rid of the discoloration that's going on on my lids.

Take the MAC Shimmermint Shadestick and apply it to the lid. Blend it into the crease with your fingers..or use a brush if you need to.

Now, take your sponge-tip applicator, put some of the gorgeous Kicky Blue eyeshadow on it and pat it onto your lids like so.

Use your finger..or again, a brush, and blend the shadow into the crease.

Load up your 224 brush with Plumage e/s. I usually just take the brush and dab it about 5 times onto the shadow. It usually picks up enough. While looking in front of me, I put the brush into the crease of my eye. Move it back and forth, like a windshield wiper. You know...both and both, back and forth. All while doing little circles. This helps blend the crease color into the lid.

This is how it looked after I got finished blending and doing my little circles.

Take a dab of Strobe Cream and I put it on like I would a moisturizer.

How hot is this? Apply concealer to where you need it. Obviously, my skin has been crap lately so I had a couple of pimples. I also put it under my eyes, nose, sides of my nose and corners of my mouth.

Blend it all in by dabbing at it, don't rub. Rubbing the concealer will just push it around and it won't work like you want it to. I use the 190 brush for this.

Yay. Now take the Studio Stick foundation and put it on the forehead, nose, chin, cheeks..everywhere. Blend it in with the 190 brush, again.

Woohoo..nice. I know it looks too light but it's just the flash.

Now I use the BE Flawless Application Face Brush to apply my translucent powder to get rid of the shine.

For some reason I waited until now to apply my brow highlight. I used the Sonia Kashuk large eye brush for this.

You can't really see it but I took the art brush, got some Crimsonaire Shadestick on it and put it under my lower lash line. This is the base for Hepcat e/s.

Take the 266 brush, put some Hepcat on it and put the shadow on over Crimsonaire. I do this by dabbing the shadow on the inner corner of my eye, drag it for a tiny bit, put it at the end of the line and drag again. Do this in as little strokes as possible. It looks nicer.

K, now I took my BE Heavenly Liner brush and put some Blue Peep Fluidline on it. Put it on your waterline..sounds weird but it's very simple once you get the hang of it. Also, take your 208 brush, put some Frostlite Fluidline on the brush and line your upper lid with it. It blends with the Kicky Blue and makes it pretty.




Curl your eyelashes.

Give a huge fake smile, swirl your 129 brush in the blush. Circle it onto the apples of your cheeks. Then take the 162 brush, dab it onto the Shy Angel blush and use it as a highlighter. I put it on my forehead, browbones and down my nose. Also put the mascara on and then use the Smashbox brush and put your eyebrows on!



Take your Silk lipliner. Line your lips and fill them in fully. You don't want to see a line.

Put your lipstick on. I just put it on straight from the tube.. no brushes for me.

And I finally put the Petal Pusher lusterglasses on over the lipstick. Again, straight from the tube.

Tada! We're all done..thankfully. This only took me two days to pull together since I'm insanely lazy.


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this is wonderful!!! I loved the frostlite part, I have to try it, looks so soft and beautiful


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Wow girl this tutorial is soo awesome! I'm soo gonna use your tips and follow those instructions! You gave awesome detail and I learned alot...thanks!

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