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kicky blue + plumage + hepcat = Tutorial!


Wow...this is lovely


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ok, I hate it when someone who is absolutely gorgeous(such as yourself) prefaces a photo/tut with "I only got 3 hours of sleep!"

You look fantastic! and the tut is fab. I will be trying this one for sure! thanks a bunch


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One of the best tutorials I've seen! Detailed, descriptive techniques, and gorgeous result! Your blending techniques are just what I was looking for, thank you! I'll be looking for more of your tutorials in the future.


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wow! i really like this!
your foundation/powder looks awesome on you. it's not cakey at all, which is very surprising because you use a stick and powder. great skills!


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love the bright colours. i definately need to go out and purchase some of those colours! so vibrant and brilliant! the combos look amazing. and you did a great job on your brows. they look awesome.


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I LOVE this tut!! Thank you SOOOO much, it is so helpful to see how to do such bright colors without looking crazy
You look beautiful! I especially like your glowy skin ... looks like no-makeup but perfect!


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SUPER helpful! Thanks for posting this!!!!!! I especially liked the "window sheild" wiper move hehe. I've been using that ALOT after reading your tutorial and it works great!

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