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ok guys I have a couple of my shadows that in my collection that I have still not tried out. I have a bad habit of swatching, buying and then never using.
I guess I just want to hold that little black bag around at the mall. JK
Ok so here is a list of my least used shadows. Can you all give me suggestions on what to use with these? Thanks a bunch

Flip e/s Its a pretty shadow but don't know what to pair it with.

Rule e/s I know, I know..ppl are going to say are ur kidding me? but I still haven't used it yet!

Coppering e/s I'll be honest I don't like this shadow. I don't know why I bought it.

Cork e/s

Fuschia pigment e/s

Help a sista out. Please!!! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Have a great night.


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I'd love to help you Becca, but I don't own any of those shades! Lol! And I have manyyyy shades. Next time, I'll try to help.


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well with rule and cork you can use this in the crease to blend out your lid colors..especially with neutral colors....rule can be used as crease if your doing maybe a smokey brown eye..dont have the rest of the colors but these are very nice :O)


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Out of the bunch, I only have Cork e/s. and I love it.
I'm a NC20, and Cork is my go-to e/s as a "transition color" between my crease/lid color and highlight color (for most of my neutral looks and some other looks as well; experiment with it
It can also be use in the crease for a very natural looking office look.



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Flip can be worn with 100 Strokes/Sktech, Henna/Sumptuous Olive, Amber Lights. If you use it as a lid color it's better to use it on a creme e/s such as a paint or a paint pot, since it is not very pigmented. It can also be used as a highlight.


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I love Coppering with Stars N Rockets. Or Swimming. I have also used it to create the COC quad colors.

Rule is another color I use with EVERYTHING. Browns/golds/purples. One of my favorites is a fall look-brown or champagne on the lid, Rule in the crease and a highlight. Or rule on the lid with purples on the outer third and into the crease.


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Cork lo/nel*y??? Quest ce que c'est? Caramel_geek is right on with how she uses it, as I use it as my transitional color as well (and I call it just that too lol!). It's good for just on that 'orbital bone' to bring out your crease too. I am an NC37/40 and Cork just WORKS for me. Show some love to your cheekbones with some Cork... Try it for contouring but not too heavy because it will look muddy. I reach for this way more often than I do with Blunt or any other color I normally use to contour as I prefer a grey shadow then a reddish shadow for contour. If you ever do any sculpting/contouring with your nose I think this is a perfect shade. I also use it in my brows (I'm a brunette), and it doesn't look funny at all in the sun; some browns end up red in natural sunlight but not cork! I hope this helps!

...can you tell I love Cork?


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omg a lonely CORK? how can that be ;P lol i lovvve Cork, its my absolute favorite matte brown neutral! my favorite way to use it is with Orb e/s.. i put Orb on the lid and Cork in the crease, apply your usual highlighter then line with Teddy kohl and voila! <3

Coppering can be used to create the 'sunset' look with colors like Amber Lights, Goldmine, Cranberry etc... it can also be used with blues like Freshwater.. i like to use it with Mythology or Copper Sparkle pigment
my friend uses it as a single color on her lids and it looks fab on her but shes tanned and im NC20 so i cudnt use it on its own like she does..


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I also use Cork as my transitional color (nc25-nc30) for regular office settings but here's a really fun suggestion!

For a gorgeous ALL MATTE smokey eye, take blacktrack as a base from lash line to just below crease. Place carbon on lid, blend cork into crease with a bit of soft brown to transition, and then blanc type for a highlight and inner corners. It's sooooo pretty and sophisticated.

I'm actually wearing Coppering today in my crease/blending shade with All that Glitters on the lid, shroom highlight, and sketch in the outer corners. It looks especially lovely on green eyes!

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