MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2016


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sorry but I couldn't find any active threads about back2mac and I have a question about the travel sized strobe creams and the other travel products that are approx. 30 ml. can you back2mac these? and do you need two small ones to count as one in that case?


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is this the first or second nordies palette

ill get it since they lowered the prices

^^^^^I love that that they lowered the prices (they may be paying attention to all the retail fuss being made by other brands - e.g. Viseart, ND, etc.) It immediately killed my lust to buy any ND palettes.

Also I
just went through my MAC e/s collection to make sure I would not be buying duplicate colors.
I am all about the 9's! Dusky Rose, Burgundy, & Amber. I was considering the 15x's Warm, but I have many of those shades already.
Even though I have not ordered anything yet (waiting on Dusky Rose) I am back to using my MAC shadows again!!! ;) :heart:


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The Warn Neutrals x15 is my most used palette. I love it!

I keep stalking Nordstrom's website and no palette.


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I think they accidentally released and and they shouldn't
i ordered twice and had to canceled orders. now i see others complaining online about the same thing

Thanks. I see it back up and available at a few stores in my area. I will wait for my closest store to get it so I can see it in person. I don't know if I really want it or just love the price.


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I had 3 orders for palette canceled. CS called me and told me they have glitch in their system


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I hope we start getting some summer collection previews soon! I need some special packaging soon ������


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I wasn't considering the x15 palettes but the price reductions have me reconsidering. Well played MAC, well played.


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I hope they release that information soon too... I usually love the big summer collections and buy quite a few items from them, so I need to start saving me pennies!

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