MAC Early Buzz - News for Upcoming Collections in 2017


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Bold & Bad has two completely different wands and two different formulas for upper and lower lashes (latter according to them). Haute & Naughty's wands aren't too much different from each other (one is a little thicker than the other, from what I can tell in photos?), but neither formula are specifically for lower lashes.


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For those in the UK, Lookfantastic recently started selling MAC. Of course, when it comes to discounts, MAC is on their list of brands excluded from the offers.

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I really hope there is another shade of EDSF because WoG is too yellow for my tastes... but if push comes to shove, I will have to suck it up and get one (because logic) :rolleyes:
I already have WoG and don't need another, but I love the snowflake pattern. I really hope they have a pink or lavender one. I hate the packaging though, which I'm happy about because everytime MAC has beautiful packaging, I end up buying stuff that I don't really want.

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