MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2018


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Any hints about the big Spring collection? Should release in a few weeks...

The manager at my MAC said she isn't booked for an update until the 24th so didn't know of anything new besides the new skincare and the brush release on the 11th.


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Oh MAC!!! I would have loved a Carnival collection with those bright bold colors. Maybe we'll get something similar along the way.

Here's hoping for new stuff this year. I barely bought anything last year. I just wasn't into it.

Happy New Year, everyone!!!

Miss Dynamite

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Not news about upcoming collections, but I just got the Beaming Blush Glow Kit from Nordstrom because it went on sale, and it's really nice. Got Beaming Blush EDSF, a mini Strobe Cream and a 127 brush for only $34, the brush is so soft and Beaming Blush is so pretty, so anybody who wants it should definitely snag it before it's gone. They also have Double Gleam which is also a very pretty color.


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It is too bad everything in Carnival is a repromote of permanent items; it'd make an excellent Spring or Summer collection.