MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2018


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I feel like Uninterrupted is too similar to Outré from the MAC Me Over LE a few years back, which I already own. I'm NC15ish so it's far from a neutral for me, but I could see how Uninterrupted would be a perfect blending shade for WOC with warm undertones especially.


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maybe it's just part of the oh sweetie collection? i am guessing
i like that nude color

There's an Oh Sweetie collection? I haven't heard anything about these until now, she hashtagged flavored lipglass, so I'm guessing they will be flavored. Might be bad for me, I already keep eating my lip scrub.


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Excited for the Studio Fix concealer! Also interested in whatever Oh Sweetie has to offer. The name makes me think of Quite Cute, IDK why.


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what is the deal with uninterrupted ? why is it so loved?

It used to be a much-loved transition shade. Also it was before a LOT of palettes had similar shades. So it was a unique, interesting, neutral-with-a-kick but now it's been duped to death.

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