MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2020


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I hope we get some exciting collections next year! When I first started buying around 6 years ago or so, I found the collections and Colman’s to be really fun and exciting. Will see what 2020 brings!


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Yea, the le collections used to be LIFE but the last few years have been pretty dull over all....I really hope they bring out a new blush collection! Going thru the site and noticed they’ve discontinued a lot of cooler toned blushes that I used to love like Dame ( was told it’s been gone a while recently 😭) I feel like a lot old staples have gotten the chopping block in recent times but they’re not replacing them???


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I asked about the new shadows ( North America only released 6 shades of 36 new shades ) at my MAC location, and was told the remainder would be released in the new year .
I feel like MAC in the last couple of years has kinda of left the ``cosmetic space`` , I want to see them come back , hopefully this year.


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The Patent Paint Lip Lacquer is at the counter here, since last week I think, but I have not had time to look at them.

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