MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2020

Miss Dynamite

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The only things I hate about the summer collection is the super generic name and those awful foiled eyeshadows, pretty sure I'd have to pack the entire pan on my lid to get it to show up as anything besides a white frosty mess.


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It's usually 3 weeks or even longer after UK - correct me if I'm wrong?
I was told by one of the artist end of may-june but because of the situation that might change

Three weeks after the UK release would put it at a late April/early May release for North America. I can also see any other point in May. (June would be pushing it a little bit, I think?)


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Be still my beating heart!!! I am loving this collection!!! I am interested in the bottom left lippie. Depending on swatches I am also liking the eye shadow bottom left and the darker lippie on the right. :thanx: