MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2020


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You beat me to it. I was just coming on here to see if I mis-read the earlier email I received. Yes, not for today. Now it's June 22nd and I think it might be a highlighter if I read correctly. I'm hoping for some new blushes and lippies to come out with new formulas. Also hoping for some new eyeliners. Maybe one in my favorite shade of periwinkle :love:

Now the US website says the first collection is June 22. Either I'm really out of the loop or MAC has the worst communication!


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New deal on MAC Canada website this morning: Choose 7 full-sized best sellers for $77 Cdn. First come, first served, limited quantitates.

ETA: $77 in Canada
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I did, I kept refreshing and getting "coming soon" 'til 12:40 when the email said launch at 12. I was on the phone for 23 minutes trying to order that way and customer service was 100% useless. Then I got "access denied" on my chromebook. Idk if it was from refreshing too much. Cleared cookies and turned off VPN and still denied. Hung up on clueless customer service to access the site on my phone and finally got it.

I hope the color is worth the ordeal. Their website is so awful and the person on the phone only wasted my time.


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I ordered mine at 11:16am central time (USA). Supposed to ship on the 24th, can't wait.
I have a virtual session with MAC artist (Victor Cembellin) on the 25th, looking forward to that, interested to see what tips he will have for me.


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I got email a lot later than it launched. I was just on the website and clicked on "underground" and it just refreshed on it's own and it showed the product

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