MAC Early Buzz: News for Upcoming Collections in 2020


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Another MAC Collection ``MAC Mosaic Masterpiece`` available now in Europe , North America later ?
I hope we get this collection , it looks quite nice and wearable

I love love this packaging!:heart: But come on!!! Whisper of Gilt again!?!? :mad:Seriously, anything but that and I would buy it in a heartbeat! I love my El Seed Dima Glow packaging and shade! I would have loved to see a new shade. :yes:


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The Bronzing 2020 summer collection is online here, I ordered a lipstick and a face glaze two days ago, can't wait to receive them!
I wanted to buy the lightest, champagne foiled shadow too, but I have the one from Fairy Whispers and it looked really-really similar so I just passed it, but once the stores will reopen I will check it.


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I do hope the bronzing collection launches somewhere else, Ulta doesn't let me order from them because my shipping address is one of those mailbox places. I do not live in the US, and this is the way for me to shop online.


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I just ordered a few items from Mosaic Masterpiece Collection (only in Europe I read) . I'm not sure which l/s I will get though as they were not marked in any way (!) but I tried to aim at Ambersand – dirty pinky brown nude.
Not marking the names is extreme but I also hate that the l/s formulas are not usually marked any more.


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Sigh...We won't get any of this and it makes me a sad panda!

MAC Strike of Kings Summer 2020 Collection

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I just saw this drop on the MAC site this morning but I don't think it's the full collection. However, aside from the packaging, it's pretty boring. Mostly repromotes of permanent stuff like Wedge, Corduroy, Goldmine, Paradisco, etc. and only two lipsticks. One of the lipsticks is Paramount. Major snooze for me.

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