MAC Frosted Firework Holiday Collection (2020)


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I think this collection is pretty.... immediately brings to mind holiday parties, although not sure we’ll have much of those this year


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ooh the highlighter looks pretty! Hoping it will be similar To “Tutu” from the nutcracker collection, still my favourite highlighter
OMG I remember how I wanted to peach duo (who was the favorite based on comments on this forum) and I don't know how but I and up with the pink one instead (my guess is that the peach duo was sold out) and it is still my favorite blush and highlight! It's my go to when I pack to go on vacation.


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MAC Advent Calendar 2020




Spoiler Alert - Contents:

Full Size Retro Matte Lipstick
Mini M·A·C Mascara
Mini M·A·C Clear Lipglass
4 x Small Eyeshadows
Prep and Prime Lip
Full Size Powder Kiss Lipstick
Dazzle Shadow Eyeshadow
3 x Mini M·A·C Lipglass
4 x Mini M·A·C Lipstick
3 x Mini M·A·C Pigment
Full Size Brow Set
Natural Radiance Sample
Strobe Cream Sample
Fix + Sample
M·A·C Accessory



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Hi, guys. I've totally neglected you. What going on here? Anyone getting anything? I don't know anything about this collection and just saw an upcoming release email. I guess I have to read up here. So far I'm not wowed. A first for me for holiday collections. I'll probably get something. I don't know why. It is just not popping for me. I guess I need to see more pics. I do like the looks of the mini lipsticks set though. They don't have much up so I'm assuming more is coming. I have to do research. I'll let you know what I get.