MAC Frosted Firework Holiday Collection (2020)


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So I bit the bullet and picked up the Trio. It's beautiful. I love flare for the dramatic, but I do not need it. I have Heart Goes Boom in my cart and I'm thinking about grabbing it. Initially, I thought it was red from the pics, but I saw other photos and see that it's a bright fuchsia, which I do not have anything like it in my collection.


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I picked up a few things so far. I may get more.

I bought:
Break the Ice lipglass
Twinsies lipglass
Set Me Off lipglass
Snowfilter lipstick
Explosive Chemistry shadow
Firewerk the Room shadow
Grand Spectacle Eyeshadow Palette

I can't say I used these much. Too much stuff and I have been in a slump lately. I did use the Break the Ice as a combo with another lipstick and loved it! Looking forward to getting out of my slump and playing a little more and seeing if I should buy anything else. I feel like this highlighter junkie should buy at least one but I don't know why they did so many with this collection. Hmmmm. I just got an email about a hand cream trio so I think I will buy that as I have to try all kinds of hand creams on the market. But should I throw anything else in the cart?

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In the end, after looking through the collection, only 3 things caught my eye: 2 lipsticks - Heart Goes Boom and Out With A Bang and a set of hand creams. The even smaller eyeshadow palette has cool colors, but that's nothing unique. Year by year, I find the collections less and less attractive.

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