Mac Items Being Discontinued in 2012


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mineralized satin finish and select SPF 15 are also gone I feel like I don't love any of the foundation anymore ;'(


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I saw quite a few of those items in the CCO. I'll have to go back to get LoveRush, another Coy Girl, Romp, Hepcat, and Shimmermoss. A friend got me a 222 brush from her CCO. I might have to ask her to get me another.


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I heard they're reformulating the mineralized satinfinish foundation. So don't despair just yet! It's supposed to come out in a few months.
Yes, there is a new mineralize foundation coming out in 2013. There should be more info in the early buzz thread.


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Loverush??? Why MAC why?????


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Not my beautiful hepcat. :(

I haven't been giving it enough love and attention here lately. And, that's good. Means that I still have plenty of her left.


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I think some of the eyeliners, like the super slick ones
Hopefully we will get new ones. If not, the Urban Decay liquid liners are fairly good, very long lasting for me--it takes work to get them off and they have a good range of colors. I would love to see MAC expand their eyeliners available, esp. liquid (or cake!)


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I misss the liquidlasts esp aqualine and blue herizon liquidlast liners. THose were beautiful colors. Alas why did MAC DCed them and there's no colors to replace these two geeesh

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