MAC Vibe Tribe Collection (May 12/19 2016)


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So I went back to birdies and talked to my fave mua. I liked the quad with the Peach in it but I know I have that color.
I like the potential of tana-whatever, just don't know what I'd do with it. I got my hot chocolate . Not sure I like it, or I am being bratty girl again? Lol
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What we have here is new hot chocolate, old hot chocolate
Then mystical, and goddess of the sea from Aquatics. new HC looks like a cross btwn those two to me...

Ok didn't know it would pop up side ways... top row old HC, and GOTS. Bottom, new HC and mystical.

I like both on you, but I think the older one looks prettier. On me, I think it would be too dark.


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Most of my base makeup was fading, and my hair is whatevs, but I want you to see the look my Macy's Mac gal did on me with WH. My face is a mess from a harsh mask, but at least you know no filter, lol.

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The blue is lining the lower lid. She used the techikohl and put the blue over it. They're almost the same color, so it wasn't necessary, but it amped it up.

You look beautiful!


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Second row: Tumbleweed (it swatches warm-toned nearly invisible), Caravamp, Teen Dream, and Desert Evening (which also swatches cool-toned nearly invisible)

Top row that has nothing to do with VB: Dddevilish, Cloud Gait, Be Silly (Mac Plaza still has it), Vermillion Vee.

I bought Caravamp in store and looks a million times better on lips than on my arm, same goes for Teen Dream (have it in regular packaging) which is coral-pink on my lips. Desert Evening looked better on my lips but it's one of those sheer shades that you either love it or hate it. Tumbleweed is my only skip because it was nearly invisible on my lips and basically useless. Hot Chocolate, Painted Sunset, the Painted Canyon quad, the Adobe brick? blush, and one of the regular bronzers are going to be major sellouts in stores. Arrowhead is basically concealer lips and needs a lip liner to make it look good.

Tbh, I don't like the matte beige packaging at all. Alluring Aquatics wins best packaging of all time.

My order with Hot Chocolate, Desert Evening, and Rio Grande Romance are on their way and they arrive next Friday. I swatched Gleamstones and Wild Horses and fell in love at first makeup. I opted to buy Gleamstones online and I'll wait for Wild Horses by the end of the month. The blushes are skip because they look too intense for my liking. Golden Rinse looked nice and subtle (I prefer those for bronzers) but idk if it's good for my NW20-22 skin.

Thanks for the great swatches! WH really is awesome, especially if you don't already have the perm shades. I think they curated it well.

All I can say is GORGEOUS!!!!

Thank you!!!

Got my HC in the mail yesterday and I am in love. The texture is so lovely too. I went in the store yesterday to swatch the Gleamtones powder and wasn't impressed. Too frosty for me and nothing new. Sorry the pic is sideways...don't know how to fix it!
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Whoa! You look so so pretty! I love the whole look.

All my items came! I'm really happy with everything so far just from swatching, planning on wearing Call of the Canyon and Arrowhead out tonight

Sorry the pic is sideways bc I'm on my phone, swatches left to right are Call of the Canyon quad, Arrowhead and Hot Chocolate. I'm NW 10 for reference. The nail polish is really pretty too! Maybe I'll use that tomorrow

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Great swatches! Does Arrowhead work on you? We're similar skin tones, and it looks like foundation on me.

You look beautiful!

Thank you, Naomi! I've loved a lot of your pics, too, especially the UD Alice montage.


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Great swatches! Does Arrowhead work on you? We're similar skin tones, and it looks like foundation on me.

I haven't tried it on yet but I'm planning on wearing it tonight so I will post some pics :) It's definitely nude-r than I thought but I'm hoping the peach tone will keep it from looking like foundation lips! Lol

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I got my stuff today, I know many were waiting for HC but the Panted Canyon blush is the fricken rock star in this collection! (for me)