MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)


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If the x9 really looks like that I will get it. Also will probably get the bronzer. Aladdin is my favorite disney movie!
Thank you for posting! Haven't purchased anything from MAC for a while. Definitely getting these products.
Aladdin was my favourite Disney movie growing up.
Wish the collection was a bit bigger- like the Cinderella one was.


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I want to see more than one lipstick color.

Considering it's a Disney collection I'm really surprised MAC isn't going for the $$ and have several different products.


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Thank you for this! I was looking everywhere and couldn't find it. I went to her page and it's gone, so I'm assuming she wasn't supposed to post that yet. The compact also has pink on it, so it's something other than the bronzer we have already seen. I think this is going to be a lot bigger with several colors, they just are releasing teasers.
I always take screenshots just in case they get taken down. I think this might be the first collection since snowball that won’t make it to the goodbyes.

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