MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)


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I think this will sell out just cuz Disney Aladdin.

I like the packaging, but I'm not sold on the product colors.
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While there are more products we haven't fully seen, as far as i'm concerned it's still skipetty-do-dah.


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I ordered Princess Ingognito and the highlighter.

Noticed that Rajah and Natural Born Leader (which I also ordered) from the Electric Wonder Collection have the same description, both mattes. The latter is looking lighter though.


This is the first LE MAC I’m buying in a while... love that they have another Disney collection! I want the eyeshadow palette, bronzer, highlighter, and at least 1 lipstick and 1 gloss... bye money


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Initially I wanted to get the highlighter and/or the bronzer, but they are oversized and the last thing I need is an oversized highlighter.
i don't mind the size but i am worried might be too dark for me
i found one swatch where it looks so ugly like dark dark gold (looks totally different in the pan)


Only things I love in this collection are the lipsticks... stunning! The bronzer was way too dark I honestly don’t think anyone with fair or even medium skin tone would get away with it unless you go a slight touch on it but then you’d rather buy one that you can use! I’m surprised there wasn’t even a blue in this collection.

Here is some swatches of the lipsticks I took, unfortunately I couldn’t get a good picture of the highlight but for me personally it looks more of a dark gold, I couldn’t get away with it haha!

My two favourites out the lipsticks are the bottom two.. Friend Like Me and Princess Incognite!

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I just ordered Friend Like Me & Incognito Lipsticks...was that a bad idea :p The shades looked pretty in all the swatches. I hope FLM has some pink in it.

What? No excitement for this collection?

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