MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)


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I just ordered Friend Like Me & Incognito Lipsticks...was that a bad idea :p The shades looked pretty in all the swatches. I hope FLM has some pink in it.

What? No excitement for this collection?

Where did you order from? Is the collection out here in the US already?


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I got an email for early access. Actually, I wasn't paying any attention & thought it was already released.
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thanks everyone! CS gave me the link so i ordered the golden lipgloss and the highglihter (golden blush or whatever it is). i am hoping it's not too dark


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FF31658C-D03F-4DFE-B5EE-6B0472BC9386.jpeg This was me with some “restraint”.... I’m going to Disney in June and can’t wait to wear it there because I’m that bitch...


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definitely too dark as a highlighter for nc20
i got some tan my hand is around nc/30/35 maybe now but my face is lighter. i think i will try to use it gently with a bronzer. will let you know


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I ordered the highlighter and Princess Incognito today. I sort of wanted more, but not too interested in anything else.


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I got the advance e-mail, but when i looked at the whole collection i went, "Enh". The only thing that doesn't look like something i already have - or that i don't want since i'm not a bronzer girl - is the eyeshadow palette. But i haven't seen enough swatches to decide.

I've been cheating on MAC and getting stuff from other brands. Lipsticks from Melt and Coloured Raine. And several e/s palettes because they were so cheap and on sale. For some reason, i went for really bright palettes, rather like the MAC Art one. i haven't even tried them on yet. I need to see if they irritate my eyes like Wet'n'Wild shadows, which are unwearable for me - make my eyes feel like they're on fire. But for $12 on sale, i figured i'd take a chance.

So, if anyone gets the Jasmine 9X eyeshadow palette, i am eager to see your swatches.

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