MAC x Mariah Carey (December 8, 2016)

Seven Of Nine

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Mcizzle and Edge To Edge

Mcizzle and New Ombre

I Get So OOC and So Dramatique (with flash)

I Get So OOC and So Dramatique (no flash)


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I received my mimi and though its not falling out, its loose. Like when I try to swatch it, it shifts from side to side. I've noticed that this seems to be a common occurrence with this edsf for this collection. It doesn't help that the container itself feels to be on the cheaper side.
I know that the face on it makes it unique but dang! At the very least make me feel less crazy for spending 50 buck on a highlight by packaging this better. Ugh.
Now what I plan on getting are the two quads. They are perfect for quick looks on the go.
I plan on grtting soft frost and show gold after the holidays then maybe bidi bidi bom bom next. After that, I plan on going back on my hiatus with beauty products period. This sh*t is expensive and I shutter at the thought of how my my entire collection cost me. That could have gone to some stocks into estee lauder instead of throwing it away. ...Actually, I think Im gonna look into that for the new year. Lol (well at least until the aaliyah collection comes out :).

That sucks. I think it happens quite often with the ED formula. If you just bought it for collector's purposes, I wouldn't worry. If you want to use it, I would take it out (shake it a bit and it will come loose) and glue it back with eye lash glue. If you don't glue it, it might pop out when you use it and then it probably breaks completely (happened to me with the ED bronzer). Good luck anyway and enjoy My Mimi.


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View attachment 57928 My goodies
My Mimi only swatches this lightly I can't bare to use it even tho I have a back up crazy right
I'm that's chick u like (I loveee it)
Touch my body(loveeee I want a bu)
Mac 239 (what a beautiful brush I got a back up on its way from Mac)
I get so occ (what a beautiful frost lipstick I got a bu of this one too)
All I want lipstick (wanted this one again for the beautiful Tube)
Mizzle (I don't like this lipstick at All I would return it if it was not in this packaging)
Butterfly bling(omg this lipgloss is beautiful I order a back up I had to get extra one been in my purse and heavy use since I got it my fave out the lipgloss)
Little miss monroe (beautiful color I may get another one because it's my second fave)
Dreamlover (beautiful bling lips love it)
Just like honey(least fave it's okay nothing to rave about
My take on this beautiful collection Mac did us right this time

Great haul!

What is the lipstick you're wearing in your avatar? It's gorgeous!


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Does MAC usually restock? I want lipgloss, I don't know if I shoud just get them from eBay?
I remember a few restocks have happened randomly for LE collections. When I added OOC to my bag it said out of stock 'right now' idk if that means they might restock the lip products. Right now I know MAC is focused on the Selena relaunch but I'm hoping for a restock after that's all taken care of


Thanks, I found Monroe and Dream Lover on Belk's website so will see how I like them.
I'm hoping MAC restocks Butterfly Bling, would love to see it in person


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Mac has all the lipsticks back in stock. I slept on this and noticed and ordered mcizzle and I'm glad as it seems this is popular. I need all the money so I can keep up on everything lol.


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I ended up getting I get So OOC and A Bit of Bubbly. I really want to be done with this collection since I've spent way more than I wanted to. I still kind of want to get My Mimi and maybe another lipglass. :rolleyes:


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IMG_3441.jpg Here is my Christmas present from my husband . It was all intact sorry I wore it Christmas Day it's really nice perfect for Christmas new year holidays parties x I love it :) I even put some on my and my mums faces on our cheek bones lol for extra sparkle xx
happy new year 2017 x everyone and hope you all had a lovely Christmas


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Ps not travel friendly is it lol . And I have to remember which way upto keep the box up as someone had turned it on it side and aload of powder had come out . I took the sticky bit off the tab and pressed it down now too
I really love this


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Little miss monroe is sooo beautiful!I think a lot of ppl didn't pay attention to it,but it's the perfect lipgloss to top a very nude lip,it gives just the right warmth and golden sheen,it's fabulous.i'm a nc25.


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McIzzle is too light on me but it worked well as topper. This one is with Whirl. Mauvey nude MLBB. I have tons of nudes that are HG status, this one was just ok. The freaking stamp and packaging is love though!!!