Maintenance for color-treated/ chemically-treated hair


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i ALWAYS dye my hair and it was literally fried. i got a conditioning product called 'reconstruction'. most lines have it but i've found that my favorite brands for reconstruction is either 911 or ENJOY. it's a great deep conditioning system that works with any color treatment shampoos/conditioners. you leave it in for 3 minutes after and your hair will feel as good as new!

Green Eyes

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Pureology all the way!!!

Pureology is the only product that I have found that is 100% phenomenal. It is sulfate free so it will not strip the color out of your hair like other products. I have reds in my hair and I have had a hell o f a time keeping them in - Pureology is the only thing that worked. It is currently 25% off at Planet Beauty. A bit expensive but well worth it - very little amount needed - it will go a long way. Multuple versions depending on what you want - but the brand is amazing!!!

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