Make up that stays on during sex?!


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We all like to look our best and feel sexy when we're gettin' freaky! I was wondering if you ladies have come across any products that hold up especially well during sex? Especially eye products.

The guy I'm dating is in love with my eyes, so I like to play them up. He loves it when I'm going down on him and look up at him with his dick in my mouth. But my eyes usually water like crazy when I do it, so my freaking eyeliner is running down my face. Not sexy.

Anyone have the same problem? What's your make up usually like when you're gettin' it on?!


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My makeup always look like a hot mess during and after sex! I hate it! The worst part is my eyeliner and mascara it always tends to run and smudge whenever I'm getting active, whether it's sex or just running around or walking around when it's hot outside.

You've probably already tried this but primer does help a lot. I find that for eyeliner, the liquid form tends to stay on the best out. Haven't found a mascara that doesn't run besides the kind that forms tubes around your lashes. Even waterproof or water resistant mascara runs a bit for me.

Hope this helps a bit!


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ahhahahhahahhaha I love how awesomely blunt you are! go get em girl!
I think you should go for a natural waterproof look for everday sex and pornstar makeup for special occasions..
I use Gosh extreme art eyeliner in black everysingle day. Its a lot like LLL from Mac, probably even better!
Use a primer under your foundation. For face, I really like MUFE's waterproof concealor its meant for like scars and tatoos lol
A neutral pink lipstick and blush TONS of waterproof mascara (I love Panoramic Curl from L'oreal) and bam! you're ready for some lovin

there's a ton of tuts out there for the porno look, but the basics are well contoured and highlighted face, dark smokey eyes and falsies.

try some concealor and bronzer for your body if you're brave :p and have the reach..hth


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really interesting i have never had this problem with my eyeliner or mascara during sex. i use black track eyeliner and zoom lash mascara and i use UDPP for my eyeshadow as a primer, heck sometimes i sleep with my makeup on after sex and its intact and i have very oily skin but i also watch the way i sleep though and i really dot encourage him to touch my face anyway soooooo.........


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- lip/cheek stains (plus clear lip balm if you want, so if it rubs off, no big deal, but looks as good as lipstick)
- waterproof mascara (i like Lancome Hypnose waterproof)
- waterproof eyeliner (mac liquidlast)

try eyeliner & mascara on top lid only... so there's less for the tears to smudge


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I would highly suggest waterproof mascara and eyeliner. If you have trouble with the mascara try using fake eyelashes instead, that might stay on better.


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Omg! haha.

Well I recomend Pointblack liquid last, that stuff WILL STAY ON! no joke. For the lips try Pro long wear. HTH.


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I have had a couple of Mac liquidlast for awhile a only tried them yesterday. Anyway I tried them on the back of my hand and after I was finish I tried to take them off. Those damn things don't move even with soap and water. Maybe you can try them for liners.


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I'm sure the products listed will work great for you, but most guys actually kind of like the worn off makeup look after sex. Not necessarily because of how you look but what it represents, in a strange way: the hot sex you guys were having. Why do you think the sexy touseled (sp?) hair and smudgy, smokey eyeliner is a turn on for guys?

That's all I wanted to say. Bye...


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For waterproofing/sweatproofing eyeshadow;

Seal your eye shadow with Ben Nye Final Seal (this is the best i've tried), or Make Up For Ever Mist & Fix. For a bit of added protection, use either of these with Make Up For Ever Eye Seal under your shadow (you can pat your shadow on before it is fully dried - but be careful cause it will be harder to blend)

I've done my eyes this way and gone to camp for the day, lounged in the hot sun, gone swimming, etc. The next morning (almost 18 hrs later) my eyes were still looking good. There was minimal smudging underneath my eyes, but that was gone with a q-tip and a drop of water.


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As much as I laughed at your bluntness, please remember there are members of all ages and backgrounds on here and the language used may not be appropriate for everybody.

I'm done being a debbie downer...

Liquidlasts may help.


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Colorstay foundation always holds up for me. You should also try a makeup sealant. Costume makeup companies offer them.. I know Kryolan has a good one. I also second the waterproof mascara! That's the only thing that won't smudge everywhere. I haven't found any cheek colors that can last and stay remotely even during sex, though. Meh.


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Originally Posted by mariecinder
The guy I'm dating is in love with my eyes, so I like to play them up. He loves it when I'm going down on him and look up at him with his ☺☺☺☺ in my mouth. But my eyes usually water like crazy when I do it, so my freaking eyeliner is running down my face. Not sexy. that point I don't think he would give 2 shits if you had smiley faces painted on your eyelids.


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honestly i prefer to have a naked face while doing it! then i'm not worrying about getting sweaty and smudging my face! however usually i'll have a face of make up if we're up to naughtyness after a night out! and my make up stays perfect even after a night of dancing! i always use a setting powder after my foundation and i always make sure i use udpp to stop shadows creasing. as far as eyeliner i use blitz and glitz fluidline which enevr seems to budge. i always apply some fix+ to blusher so it lasts longer. and i usualy put a lip stain on under my lipstick so even when the lippie is gone it still has a reddy tint to it.


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LOLOL...this is hilarious!! And really?? at that point, my husband could care less what my eyes look like!!


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Omg.. xD Um.. waterproof mascara? Fluidline's never ever smudge on me.. To be honest I don't think any man would really give a f*ck if your makeup was running while you were giving him head, LOL. Oh dear.

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