Make up that stays on during sex?!


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If the sex is hot enough, NO make-up will be able to stay on!
I doubt the guy notices or even cares if our make-up is perfect.

I just keep a little make-up bag with me and reapply it all afterwards.
Bonus if I reapply it naked- my man seems to think it's the sexiest thing EVER, watching me put on make-up with no clothes on or just panties.


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This post reminds me of a convo between Judith Light's character and her character's mother on the 90's television sitcom "Who's the Boss?"

Judith: Sex isn't everything, mother!
Mother: Then you aren't doing it right.

If you're seriously concerned about what your MU looks like after getting laid, somethin' ain't being done correctly.


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Loreal Infallible (the liquid lipstick with the balm). This stuff stays on and feels soft.

Note: Yeah, yeah. i know, "Makeup during sex???" I don't usually wear makeup during sex, but every once in a while. Sometimes it does help with roleplaying.


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half of the makeup i wear beforehand comes off during head alone.

so yea...i cant help you at all in this area lol.


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I suggest bare-faced except some waterproof liner (MUFE Aqua eyes is the best ever), a set of sexy falsies, and some carmex, lip plumper or vaseline on your lips. You can even put some vasline in the corner of your eyes for a similar effect to white liner/shadow.

Wearing make-up for a quickie is one thing but if you're going to be passionate for a prolonged period of time, make-up is just going to make you break out. At least, it does me~


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I don't apply makeup specially just to have sex but what I will say is that sex itself gives me this glow which makes me look really really gorgeous and no makeup has ever been able to capture that look

Plus, as the others have said, I don't think makeup is that much of a biggie when having sex, if a man likes you enough to have sex with you then in my mind he should like you enough to see your sex face.


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I remember those days...

When I was dating, I hated when my makeup would rub on the sheets/pillows, makeup would come off around the lips from kissing, eyeliner smudging on the undereye area, lipstick getting on the guy or smeared around my lips, etc.

I've learned to keep my face away from being pressed against something or smoothered (missionary v.s. doggy v.s. girl on top; you take your pick), lol. Sounds funny. Lipstick is removed before kissing (I'll kiss the back of my hand to remove whatever product). And with the hair, majority of the time, I will put it in a ponytail or bun (plus it's less chances of leaving strands of your hair in his room; I dated some guys who still lived at home with mom & dad). Otherwise, I will keep my makeup with me to touch up. I hate it when I leave the guys house with "the look of shame". lol

Now a days, I rarely wear makeup during sex. I walk around the house naked and my hair isn't washed for days, haha. I guess I'm that comfortable around my husband.


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What gets me are the people saying, "Makeup during sex??" Now, I understand if you guys are living together. Sure, 2am post shower, fun fun. However, I don't let men live with me and I don't leave the house without I've never gone barefaced. I just carry a makeup kit in my purse all the time.

Anyway, on to the original issue: Urban Decay. Yes ma;am, it will smudge but not at badly. I used to do a black liner with a sealant and that crap ran everywhere (good times!). But I was recently at an outdoor music festival, it rained like mad, it was June in Southern Alabama, and in the pictures from the end of the night you can STILL SEE MY EYELINER. It ran some, but not too badly. I used Urban Decay liner, ran a liner brush with eyeshadow on it over it, and voila! I was makeuped the night through. I also run a concealer brush with bisque by Bare Minerals under my eye, so that may have something to do with it.

However, you have watery eyes. I suggest two things: ease it in and don't wear much of anything on your lower lashes. And of course, who cares? Unless you're just awful at it, he really isn't going to care about your makeup lovely:)


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I'm thinking of just a waterproof mascara, and some coloured lipgloss...

What about eyebrows? I draw my eyesbrows on ( they look natural lol ) with ELF's eyebrow kit, but I'm not sure if it will rub off... suggestions please


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Yeah, my makeup wears off completely by the end of it... lol. But my bf could care less if I have makeup on or not. I don't really see a point of wearing makeup for sex though, it just gets your sheets messy and it's not very good for your skin if you sleep with it on aftewards.

But anyways... my fluidline has never smudged on me or worn off! Waterproof CoverGirl LashBlast stays on too good, it's actually hard to get off even with eye-makeup remover!

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