Makeup For Tattoo Cover-Up?


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I've got 'This too shall pass' on the insides of my wrists and I'm trying to get a job where that's frowned upon. I told them I don't have visible tats, which I probably shouldn't have done, but oh well. It's just done in black, so no colors to hide. I got a watch to cover one side, but that still leaves the other.

I went to MAC & they suggested Studio Fix Concealer, but I don't reaaally want to have to spend an hour covering my tats every morning [if I get the job XD] so are there any other options?



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girly..unfortunately other than a bandaid there's no other quick fix. The good news is if you're doing this daily, you'll get really quick at it. 3 simple steps.

1)Take a red lipliner and trace over the words. This counter acts the greenish hue that shows through from the ink and is essential for effective covering.
2)Take the studio finish concealer (it's the only concealer I use to cover tats, it's the same as the studio fix concealer you mentioned) and pat the concealer on, making sure to not blend the red lipliner into the concealer. When it's covered, then
3) set with a translucent setting powder, or try "model in a bottle"...awesome for setting tattoo coverage so that it doesn't rub off.

link to model in a bottle: Model in a Bottle Setting Spray 2oz: Beauty


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I heard Kat Von D's concealer was made to cover tattoos. Also, Dermablend has a concealer for tattoo coverups. There are videos on youtube that demonstrate Dermablend covering someone's leg tattoo. I would get samples and try it, good luck!


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Just to throw out another product name to try: Keromask is extremely opaque and blends and wears really well. It's made to cover port wine stains, varicose veins, tattoos, etc. and I can see how it would cover tattoos really well although I only use it on my acne scars. I think it's the same idea as Dermablend. I know you can get samples online at, which is where I got mine, but you can probably get them elsewhere as well. has some info. I'll defer to those who have actually tried it for tattoo coverage to tell you if it works!


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Ben Nye also makes a tattoo cover makeup. I believe that's also what it's called.

I don't think there's any way around having to apply the makeup any morning, short of wearing long sleeves all the time.


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To cover it up you want to use a color that will counteract the black color. I'm not familiar with color theory though so I can't exactly recommend a color! Then you want to apply a full coverage concealer on it and set it with a powder. HTH!

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YouTube - pixiwoo's Channel

I thought this video may be of some help to you. Its the vid Dollygirl92 mentioned - I love pixiwoo!


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I've seen the video, thank you ladies ;D

& Thanks for all the suggestions! There's so not much information about the subject. Everyone just mentions MAC Studio Fix & not other products [that I've seen] ... maybe I should just try everything & post about how it worked lol.


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You can try cover FX too that stuff if pretty thick.
The KVD concealer, while its name is like tattoo concealer, is not a good consistency for covering tattoos. Its too thin and liquidy imo.

I would try Cover FX, Dermablend, or a makeup made for stage.
Like someone mentioned, use a red ll to counteract of the tattoo. Maybe set that, and then apply your concealer and set again.
Ive tried to cover tattoos for shows, and i had some luck with not so great products. My biggest issue was that when i went to put the concealer on top of the red ll, it would smear, which is why i suggest setting it first. Good luck.


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Try a yellow concealer to help cancel out the black first (just like with dark undereye circles) then apply a skintoned concealer on top. I'd also try wearing chunky bangles to see if u can cover it that way some days too.


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As someone mentioned Pixiwoo has a great vid on concealing tatoos on youtube found here: YouTube - Tattoo Covering tutorial (hopefully I'm allowed to put the link if not, sorry)

Not sure how long this takes, but if you start doing it daily for work you will probably be able to pare down the time it takes.


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dermablend is a fantastic brand for covering creams. i have a compact cream foundation which i use to cover my tattoos or red areas. you have to use their special setting powder in top but once you do it lasts all day long


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How about trying to find a cute cuff bracelet to cover them or maybe a watch? Just a suggestion. I also have a tat on the inside of my wrist and thats what I do. I'm just too lazy to cover it up all the time.


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Wow, thanks for the suggestions!

I have a watch for one side ["this too" is on the left and "shall pass" on the right] and the job in question is Disney where bracelets are not allowed, otherwise I would have no problems!

I spent like an hour at the mall the other day.
MAC was good, but not as great as Dermablend, which was awesome until it accidentally touched my pants.
Illamasqua covered well, but I'd have to buy two foundations to mix the color properly and that's a bit much for just covering my wrists.
I tried Cover FX, too. It covered pretty decent, but the Illamasqua was better. I also tried MUFE concealer. I don't remember the name, but it was a liquid? Covered okay, but the colors oxidized on me BAD so I felt that was a bad way to go ....

I'm going to go to ULTA to look at Dermablend again, cos I think that was the way to go. I wish I could try Ben Nye or Kryolan before I buy them.

Someone suggested liquid latex. Does anyone know anything about liquid latex?


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Yikes! That's a shame that they don't allow bracelets - my work doesn't allow visible tats, but we can use bracelets, wristbands, long sleeve shirts, whatever to cover them up.


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Coverblend claims to cover tattoos and you must use their setting powder with it. I think you can find it at Dilliards and try it before you buy it.


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Yeah! I've already tried that concealer and in somehow it was effective, but I was forced to completely remove my tattoo because of my job. Last year, I've visited a tattoo laser clinic to remove my tattoo because of my job. At first, I hesitated to do remove it and try to cover up it through make-up and clothes, but I don't want to risk my job anymore because I feel happy about it. For me removing my tattoo was a sacrifice, but I have no option.