Makeup For Tattoo Cover-Up?


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How about trying to find a cute cuff bracelet to cover them or maybe a watch? Just a suggestion. I also have a tat on the inside of my wrist and thats what I do. I'm just too lazy to cover it up all the time.


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Yeah this thread is 12 years ago… They covered the “cream” foundation cover option.

In the film / TV industry, we never use creams or powders to cover tattoos as these formulations transfer way to easily onto wardrobe, or comes off in shower / heavy rain scenes etc.

Instead we use alcohol based make-ups like Skin Illustrator, Reel Creations, Temptu, or Blue Bird palettes to cover tattoos. And for extra durability, we set it with high performance setting sprays like Green Marble sealer.

With a bit of practice, like with any medium, anyone can cover a tattoo using alcohol based make-ups and they are available to anyone to purchase online.
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Here is an example of 2 types of tattoo cover ups.

The one on the left is alcohol based (99%). The one the right is creme based.


The Blue Marble SeLr is a water-based make-up sealer (light duty), best for bridal make-ups. And can be used here to seal both products.


Alcohol based - Skin Illustrator


- Pigment heavy
- Excellent coverage
- Drys (sets) very quickly
- Longevity
- Mininal touch-ups
- Can be layered with powder, setting sprays
- Very easy to remove with 99%
- Over 50 different palettes to choose from for all skin types and all hair types.
- For straight make-ups to F/X make-ups, to hair, beard, eyebrow colouring to aging.
- Refillable!


- Very difficult to blend when applying, as the product sets in seconds
- Difficult to layer, as too much or too little 99% can lift the previous layer
- You have to work very quicky as the product sets in seconds
- Edges can be visible
- Extremely difficult to remove with make-up removers
- This particular brand can have a "plasticky" looking finish under certain lighting conditions
-You have to constanly tweak the amount of alcohol used when applying and layering. Too much 99% and the pigment will look translucent, (unless that is the effect you want!) Too little 99%, and the pigment will become too thick and sticky and will not adhere or layer properly.

Creme based - Body Impression


- Very easy to blend
- Pigment heavy
- Longer working time, several seconds before blending will become very difficult
- Easy to layer
- Edges disappear
- Good coverage
- Beautiful finish when powdered



- Temporary coverage
- Oxidizes when used with 99% based products
- Requires powder to set
- Requires constant touch ups
- Product in the palette dries out over time
- Requires a proprietary revitalizing fluid to re-texturize the product in the palette

The vial with the "RL" on it, is a revitalizing fluid that restores the creme texture of this particular brand. Over time, the creme will dry, shrink, and crack inside the wells. Hence the included vial with this product, and the quality and efficacy of the product will not diminish.


- Requires a setting spray for longer wear... This Green Marble SeLr is a heavy duty sealer best for wet, humid environments like clubbing


When I have the opportunity, I will post pictures of both products being used.
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The most difficult tattoo's to cover up are on the neck, fingers and backs-of-hands, due to the constant movement of the skin, and hands and fingers touch everything! So tattoo cover make-ups wear down very quickly due to these constant movements and abrasions.

I am going to cover this neck tattoo on this Back Ground performer...


... Using this Skin Illustrator palette: (I used the 99%) The Slow Activator fluid extends the working time of alcohol based make-ups... In case anyone asked.


Total working time: 5 minutes using 4 shades:
1) Coral Adjuster
2) Rice Paper
3) Natural 1
4) Natural 2

With 3 brushes:
- MAC 209 liner brush
- 2 MAC 188S stipple brushes

No powder or setting spray was used.


Elasped time with no touch-ups: 6 hours


As you can see some wear-and-tear is happening, especially in the creases, also there is no make-up being transferred onto the edge of his collar. Also I didn't realize it at the time, my body is casting a slight shadow on him, hence the perceived colour change of the make-up.

I did not touch it up as this person was wrapped for the day, and I didn't remove it as time didn't allow for it.

Again, when and if the opportunity arises, I will post more tattoo cover photos using cream based tattoo make-ups and a combination of alcohol and cream based products together.

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