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Thanks! Did you get any of these?
I ordered the pinky nude shade just to try the formula. If I like it, then I will order more. I also ordered the lighter nars blush palette and the new hourglass palette, so I won't need any more blush for a while!


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Having recently succumbed to Peridot in the shimmery formula (I rarely wear colored liners, other than dark ones), I decided I couldn't wait and ordered Mist Me today. I'll let you know my thoughts when it arrives.

The new sheer gels gels look nice. Of course, I'm partial to May Day and Hey, Stranger, which likely won't be nude on me, but I think the brand will forgive me for going off-script.

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I was set on getting the palette but I'm not sure now after looking at more swatches, the quality is not looking as good as Pat McGrath but I like MJ shades better.
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Loved the finish of shameless foundation, very skin-like. Was hoping it would be a great warm weather foundation but I just couldn't find my match. They need a 540 shade.


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Here is what I wrote about the foundation in another thread (couldn't find this one)

I tried new Shameless foundation. Lightweight texture, heavy on pigment so it covers a lot - with a brush I was able to get full coverage, it can be sheered out with blender. It mostly reminds me of MAC studio fix fluid. This goes on satin but once it sets it is matte. Comfortable matte although I see throughout the day it starts enhancing my dry spots. You have to work quickly with it because it sets super fast. Light Y210 is the perfect match for mac nc20

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